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03/10/2017 SD Sorter released today.
This application sorts SD Cards used in arduino based 3D printers.
Notice that this application does not modify the FAT 32 table directly.
More info can be found at the documentation page.

16/06/2017 A new web application is released today.
It is called Simple File Gallery. It is a image / video / audio and file gallery. You only need a web hosting provider in order to get it up and running. More info can be found here.
The application is pretty easy to use.
Simple File Gallery is under MIT license.
I have done two more softwares but i didn't had the time to publish them. Soon i will post them online.

09/06/2016 New version for Txt2Vobsub.
The new version is compiled for Windows and Linux for both 32 and 64bit platforms.
The 4.3 version has some minor big fixes too.
These days i have also published an online ebook about dedicated servers and Webmin. It is called : "Configure a Dedicated Server with Webmin". I am considering further publication of this ebook via amazon. It will take some time in order to port it at a printable version.

12/04/2016 New website design. The site has a better web 2.0 look. Also the site became more mobile friendly. New version of Folder2Iso will soon be released.

09/12/2015 New version for WiFi2Hotspot. This version is more Windows 10 compatible.

21/06/2015 New Foto2Avi version. It is a bug fixed version. Also all our download links are checked and updated.
We have removed Wuala as download server.

01/05/2015 Major web site update. TrustFm dot net is now mobile friendly.
We use Responsive web design (RWD) apporoach on our web site. All the pages were updated.
Now you can navigate the website from your cell phone ! We also converted all of our pages in HTML5.

18/04/2015 A DDoS attack is in action today from the IP (Thailand). We banned this IP. Within two weeks the hole site will become mobile friendly using the responsive html technology.

18/02/2015 An update of Foto2Avi released today.
The new version (4.3) is more stable and supports Avisynth 2.6.
Also comes bundled with the newest ffmpeg and ffdshow codecs.
This update is major update please take notice of it.
17/02/2015 A new free program relesed today called DocumentGenerator.
DocumentGenerator generates txt and html files from templates called tpl.
Take a look at the online documentation. More to come soon !

05/09/2014 A new bug fixed version of Desktop Zoomer released today.

12/06/2014 New version for Txt2Sup. The new version is completely re-written.
All of our download links have been updated.
We currently use only secure cloud services like Microsoft's OneDrive , Google Drive and LaCie's Wuala
A new software will released within couple days. Have a nice day !

11/06/2014 Again new bug fixed version for Txt2Vobsub [4.2]. Txt2Sup is already compiled it is in testing stage at this point will be published later today.
Stay tuned !

09/06/2014 New bug-fix version for Txt2Vobsub [4.1]
Before downloading take a look at the online documentation since it has been updated.
Txt2Sup will be released soon.

07/06/2014 New version for Txt2Vobsub [4.0].
The program is completely rewritten and ported into Lazarus / CodeTyphon. It is unicode and works under Linux too.
We have corrected the download [new and old] links for :
VobsubMuxer, Screen2Avi, Folder2Iso, Foto2Avi, Avi2Dvd, AviSub and Txt2Vobsub.
A new version for Txt2Sup will be posted in the next few days. We are still in testing mode.
Stay tuned !

26/05/2014 As you may noticed we have released a new free program under the General tools section.
It is called VaultPad. Is a secure notepad.
Now today we have updated VobsubMuxer.
We currently updating all of our download mirrors for bannerless without download delay options such as Google Drive, OneDrive from Microsoft and Wuala from LaCie.
Stay tuned !

25/04/2014 A new program is released today, called CSVpad. It is a free open source CSV editor.
Please read the documentation before downloading.
A new version of Contact Contacts and of Foto2Avi is on way.
Stay tuned !

10/04/2014 A new version of Foto2Avi will be soon released.
The ubuntu one service will soon close so we are moving into new download servers.
We are testing as new download options wuala , spideroak and onedrive.
If you can help us please contact us via mail or facebook.
Have a nice day.

27/02/2014 A new section is opened today.
We have our shop section. From our shop section you can buy our software applications, our 3D printed models and later you will find some ready to get hardware applications.
We use digital river for our software section and ebay/etsy for our hardware section.
I have also added some subdomains : / / /
Stay tuned.

17/01/2014 A new program is released today.
It is called Font2OpenSCAD. Can be used in 3d printg.
More articles on 3d printing will be published into this site in the hardware section.
A full tutorial will be online soon.
As always stay tuned.

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