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Old news 08.

28/04/2006 After long time ... the new version of avisub is here ! The subtitles now will be correctly centered.

12/04/2006 New version of avisub made ! The new version uses the new version ov divxmux.

04/04/2006 I would like to say good month ! Tommorrow i will be back able to restart coding ! In the meantime i have made some quick photos . Take a look here.
I also have to say a big thx to mine 4 donators !

11/03/2006 I have updated the site ! From now on 10 most important donators can contact with me and i will add them on the top 10 donator-list . They can put ther name or an site-link. So the donators can be pubblished from now on on this site ! ;)

09/03/2006 I m still working on avi2dvd. Lately i was ill so we had no serius updates. I will add an paypal panel donetor so the donators can pubblicate on this site the name or whatever ! I will try to update avi2dvd as soon as possible ! Hope to all of you an great weekend !

16/02/2006 : Back on business [bis] ! Lately i had a lot of problems ! No pc for a wide period since my old one was off ! My printer was off too, so i lost some of my free time on searching a new one . All of my projects are backed up and i did not had data loss. I also add an paypal donation button.
I would like to say hello to all our users and specially to our new moderator Excalibur! I think that he will help the forum! He also has an great site which everyone should take a look here. Our Italian users [and not only] have the possibility to enter in the mind of our MASKOT/IDOL S.M. BLOG and see him dancing on an lap bar of a really crappy disco/bar ! How low an human being can go in order to get an decent blog?
Now it is the time to intoduce to you, our SECRET member of the, let's call it, GLANDESTINO TEAM. Our hero, Antonio G. so called popeye. The funny think is that he acts like popye but he does not know it yet ! He dresses like popeye he eats like popeye, If you don't believe me take a look of his machine ! and look at the popeyes original car ! What do you think ? You can vote here I also want to tell here that Antonio help me out with the Txt2Vobsub !

10/01/2006 : Well im back on business. Now i'm programming the new version of avi2dvd. The new version will have a lot of new features. I would like to thanks all of you visiting this site the past year! 2006 i hope will be a nice and a happy year for all of you! I must admit that i did not expected this success of mine programs. I would like to say hello and nice year at Antonio which works 99 hours a day and Salvatore which sleeps 99 hours a day. I must admit that Salvatore lately has lost weight, and this is a sign of an stressful life which gotted by sleeping all day. I have to say at this point that i will try to fix his weight with stuff that i will post in this page later [*lets define them CALORIC BOMBS].
Lets start with our first small Greek weapon ...
I do not know about you but a new years needs an good start. Mine and Salvatore's has started with a good red koromilo. I will present this delisius sweet here :

That's for now, on the next days i will add the number two of the CALORIC BOMBS that Salvatore is going to be challenged in order to get straight. :D
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