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Old news 07 .

02/01/2006 : Happy new year ! Well today we developed the first version of the HTPC information section. Many many info of HTPC / Standalone systems and tips can be found there. For more info click here

21/12/2005 : Time for holidays! I'm going to Greece again for Christmas. So i would like to tell Merry Christmas. Have nice holidays !!! I made two updates one for avisub [1.5 ver] and one for folder2iso [1.3 ver].

19/12/2005 : New guide added [Add Subs To Divx]. In this guide it is explained when you have to use Txt2Vobsub, when Avisub, and when it is better to leave the srt as is !

16/12/2005 : Version 1.2 of avisub released ! Now vobsub input is supported !

15/12/2005 : Great news ! New project released ! Avisub is an nifty tool that can add subtitles on an avi file and produces an .divx file [divx6 codec] which can be reproduced on standalone divx players with the embed subtitles! Takes only 5min the convertion. Read more on the Avisub page !

10/12/2005 : Lately i must admit that i was busy and the avi2dvd progress was a bit delayed. First of all i would like to apologize but i must defend myself by showing some excuses.
1) I have to modify a lot of things in order to support the multifilm thing.
2) Let's talk seriously... when a guy called Salvatore Meschini comes home while a poor programmer like me tries to write some code and acts like that what can i do ?
3) When a guy like Salvatore [yep he is the one above] brings to home stuff like this what can a human being do ?
4) I must admit that i made a mistake too . I bought some centerba toro strong that has 70% grades of alcohol. But as always Salvatore was the only one to insist to finish that bottle !!!

Someone could think that the avi2dvd project for the year 2005 is done, but i have some mystic weapons in order to fight this unfair battle.
1) The best way to not drink is the "Drink Cretan Natural Oil method" invented by myself !
2) The luck of the George Paravoliasakis "The Greek"
3) The kickass song of Tzimis Panousis "Santa Claus Go Home". Listen it by clicking here
So what do you think ? huh ? ;) (Older-->Newer)
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