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Old news 09.

26/06/2006 I will like to thanks all mine donators. Today i updated the donators list . Thanks to all ! I'm working on Avi2Dvd right now ...

24/06/2006 I updated all the guides ! Now are more easy to read .

23/06/2006 These days i'm working on the guides since i will upgrade all of them . Furthermore i updated txt2vobsub . Now supports colors on vobsubs . This was not an easy upgrade since i did not had an standalone dvd player in order to test each vesrion. I must thanks roger_rabbit for his effort ! I hope that all of you having a DVD player capable to play idx/sub will post on our forum in order to help me to make Txt2Vobsub even better. I also hope to keep thge donations! I will also update the donators list ...

03/06/2006 As i said new Txt2Vobsub version ! For more information take a look here.

01/06/2006 Have a nice month ! I am working on the new version of txt2vobsub right now . It should be out shortly ... Lately i have found some guides for Txt2Vobsub and avisub in slovenian ? Take a look here . I updated the links of the external guides. If you have any other guides of mine programs please contact with me in order to put an link of yours guide ! This will help everyone ! Thanks !!!

20/05/2006 New version of avisub. This version has a new subtitle parser for more info check here

14/05/2006 Site updated , mirrors added for avi2dvd. I would like to thanks and I also updated the top donator list and the donator list.
Avi2Dvd is now on wikipedia

8/05/2006 New version of avi2dvd [0.4.4] ! Many bugs fixed ! Check out the what's new ... (Older-->Newer)
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