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Home theater PC (HTPC)
Builder's guide Ver 1.1


  Welcome to our HTPC guide. Here you will find a pc for your necessities in few minutes instead of searching the internet for days.
   As you know, an HTPC is a home theatre pc and that means, nice look and silence! These are some keywords you have to keep in your mind when you buy or build one. After reading this guide be sure that you will have seen most HTPC categories available in the market and knowing what to choose or where to search for more information about your dream HTPC. This for beginners...  

There are four sessions :

   Do it yourself session is the right place for those who need a low cost HTPC to watch movies, capture videos or convert old video tapes to DVDs. If the price isn't a problem, then HTPC all in one is the fastest way to find what you want. A more inexpensive way is stand alone divx players but with limited options from the manufacturer. Finally portable divx solutions session is ok for people who travel a lot and need a long battery life pc for entertainment. By the way, if you need some help with paying methods click here. [credit card & internet security article]

Session 1) Do it yourself

  Low cost solutions for everyone.

Session 2) HTPC all in one

  For those who search a prebuild HTPC. Click here.


Session 3) DIVX stand alone players

  The cheapest but limited solution. For more information click here.

Session 4) Portable Divx solutions

  Watch DIVX movies everywhere... Click here for more info


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