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Old news 14.

18/04/2008 A new company called Project Innovation is on internet. I am part of this company. It is a wide range software solution company. We use a lot of different technologies like C++ .NET Java etc. We are a group of friends for years and finally we decided to join our forces and create an innovative project. An also known figure to you should be Salvatore Meschini. It is a part of project innovation too. He helped me a lot with folder2iso and you will see his name appeared in a lot of mine projects. The website is now only in Italian but soon will be ported in English too. Federico Giuliani is another person which helped me these years but for pure casuality did not have correlated with mine projects. I wanted to add him in Foto2Avi for the sound of the demo included at this program, but lack of time forced me to publish it with only a small Demo with 5 seconds sound. This does not mean that in the future will not see him active on Foto2Avi project or other projects. Think Project Innovation as the TrustFm Project. Project Innovation will be a company in continuous evolution towards to help you and your constant new needs. As you can see, the same happens over the last four years : evolution, new programs, new ideas and always something new and innovative to find in this website.
Pdf To Djvu GUI had an unexpected success and some great positive opinions for it's great functionality from the official djvu forum and it's members.

10/04/2008 A lot of underground things happen to the TrustFm project lately. First of all, finally, i have found a little of time to create a new secton of my site. In the General tools section you can find freeware applications like Picophone Caller and Pdf To Djvu GUI converter. Specially the Pdf To Djvu Converter is a project that i dedicated a lot of time lately.
Other things happen to TrustFm project other than that! I am writting an e-book, i won't reveal on what, but Pdf To Djvu Converter is a fruit of that e-book. I hope that Pdf To Djvu Converter would help other writers over the world. A lot to come ... that's all (or quite all) for now. Over and out.

20/02/2008 New version of Txt2Sup with one important fix to the command line option.

16/02/2008 New version of Txt2Sup with a lot of updates like batch mode and command line support.

12/02/2008 Some of the Web 2.0 specifications are finally adopted to our site. Do you like the new look of the site? What do you think? Please express your opinion here. More to come really soon !

08/02/2008 The Divx section of TrustFm site is completely re-written to php. The site is totally ported to an dynamic platform. All the old html links are still valid. If you have problems with our new site please write us here

03/02/2008 New version of VobsubMuxer. The version 1.4 has a nice progressbar.

02/02/2008 New version of Txt2Vobsub. The version 3.4 is now compatible with Windows Vista using batch mode.

30/01/2008 The TrustFm Eshop is created.
New version of the txt2vobsub software added (version 3.3). Batch mode added by using command lines. Please read our small guide here.
Later ... I also updated VobsubMuxer and i added also there command line support. :)

25/01/2008 New version of the Txt2Vobsub software is planned. A lot of people ask me to add batch mode option over txt2vobsub. I am trying to find the easiest solution to implement this. Thanks !

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