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Old news 12.

17/10/2007 How to add your videos on my website? [Youtube Style] guide added on our forums.
Generally take an closer look for tips and tricks on how to use better our programs.

07/10/2007 I think that it is time to take some action ! Free Burma topic on our forums

21/09/2007 New version of Foto2Avi (2.0) released today. The new version has a lot of new features. For the first time the user can make his personal transitions (should be added an guide within these days on our forums). More animation effects added too. Animated subtitles and animated pictures are some o the new features of Foto2Avi. Still more to come on the new versions ! The good part is that Foto2avi remains extremely easy to use . Give it a try ! Remember that from the version 1.7 and up you can author your DVDs with Foto2avi ;)

29/08/2007New version of Foto2Avi (1.9) released today !

23/08/2007 New Foto2Avi (1.8) stable version released

13/08/2007 New external avi2dvd guide added. Take a look here (Avi2dvd Extended guide by [German])

12/08/2007 Stable version of Foto2Avi released ! The new version supports mov/wmv/flv files as input and generates dvd ! Has a lot stuff added !

08/08/2007 Site updated. Paypal links fixed. Foto2avi is under heavy development late at this week it should be released an stable (non beta) version.

05/07/2007 New version of Txt2Vobsub

28/06/2007 Important news : New version of avi2dvd 0.4.5 more vista compatible and Foto2Avi compatible !

21/06/2007 Hello ! Here i am again with a new Foto2Avi version (1.6 beta) ! Update is again highly recommended !

14/06/2007 New Foto2Avi version released (1.5 beta) ! Stabler version. Critical update. Update is highly recommended.

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