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Old news 21.

21/12/2013 Have a nice holidays and a good 2014 !
HotFile is down and we are moving our downloads into new more reliable mirrors like Ubuntu One and Google drive.
A new service will be published within couple weeks. As always stay tuned.

14/06/2013 Get more traffic to your website by advertising your page through us.
Find out more informations on our updated advertise page.

13/06/2013 Some links of Screen2Avi were updated today. All of our download links should work now. Notice that we put news on our facebook official page.
Have a nice day !

25/04/2013 Gooogle adsense phone-called me today. They said that there is nothing that they can do. Google search can not be contacted directly.
As i said below, during summer 2013 Screen2Avi will become shareware.
Have a nice day.

24/04/2013 TrustFm dot net is virtually banned from "Google Search".
Google search penalized the website and all of my eight years efforts to this web site in one night.
I want to thank you all the hundreds of people that directly reaches the web site daily.
This fact of course has conseguenses.
From now on all the products will become shareware since i need some money to survive - not even to live.
Have a nice day to all of you and sorry about this decision but all of us we have to stop be Google-Dependent.
Please realize that now is the time to support by posting valid inbound links and crosstalking about this web site
Have a nice day.

22/04/2013 The hole website was updated heavily today.
Impoved navigability and niced menus have been added.
All the softwares have now their dedicated navigation menu.
New applications will be released in the next months !

05/04/2013 New Folder2Iso released today. Take a look at the main page. This is a major update.
New version of our programs will be released as soon as possible.
Have a nice day

21/03/2013 New version of Desktop Zoomer [1.4] released today.
It is Windows 8 compatible !
Come into two versions 32 and 64 bit versions.
More updates are on their way to be published. Stay tuned as always ...

24/12/2012 New version for DMM Data Logger
Happy Christmas Day and best wishes for the new year !
More applications will soon be released ! Stay tuned !

17/12/2012 A new DMM Data Logger version will be released at general tools.
Will be tested at 20 December. Desktop zoomer will be ported on Windows 8 as soon as possible.
Stay tuned as always !

20/11/2012 New version for Desktop Zoomer. A bug fixed version of desktop zoomer.
The full screen bug was found by
The version is free of charge of those who purchased the desktop Zoomer 1.X version. Have a nice day

14/11/2012 New version for Foto2Avi. The new Foto2Avi version support srt/ssa/ass subtitles.
Please read the change log before downloading. Now download option have been added like Ubuntu one, Google drive and open drive. All our download options for Foto2Avi 4.2 are now delay free.

05/11/2012 New version of Desktop Zoomer [1.3]. More features added.
Have a nice day !

01/11/2012 Updated the Folder2Iso official web page. It became more clear and we added some video tutorials in our official documentation page.
Stay tuned as always !

07/10/2012 New general software application released !
DMM Data logger is a multimeter data logger for Mastech MS8229 & VC-820. The hardware hack is described at hw2sw page.

02/10/2012 New Desktop Zoomer version released ! New "projection" feature added (fixed window with no following the cursor). French language added by Andre di Via. Also the Italian translation was corrected by Riccardo Giuliani.
A new software will released in the next days called DMM Data Logger. More info soon !

09/09/2012 New download links provided for Avi2Dvd and Foto2Avi.
New, better download providers are used in order to have a better download experience.
FileDEN and OpenDrive will be tested. FileDEN allows hot linking but has a 100kbps download limitation.
OpenDrive has a really clean interface.
I want to thank all the people that follow us on facebook . Over facebook i post some interesting videos made with Foto2Avi and Screen2Avi.
Right now i am working on the AHA project. It is a hardware/software Arduino Home Alarm application made from scratch.
You can find more details on Hw2Sw
As you can see lot happens so stay tuned!

10/08/2012 Huge update of the trustfm web site.
The new look helps the navigability of the web site.
The main page has become more clear too.
New version for Easy Random Picker is ready to be released.
Our facebook page has been updated.
The radio section has been removed since Peercast project is dead so there is no reason to keep Peercast2Html.

24/07/2012 The new version of NoZip is multi platform !
NoZip will work happily under MacOSX, FreeBSD and Linux. It is tested under Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Linux Mint.
LOF,LOFi and LOFx are supported in the most operating systems now !
Enjoy !

12/07/2012 A new shareware application launched today. NoZip is a file joiner and splitter with steganographic features. Read the documentation for further information.
NoZip generates List Of Files (LOF) which can be splitted with the help of LOF Index (LOFi) files. The program costs only 15$ .
The lottery for the 5 KINGSTON USB KEY (datatraveler 101) will be done later today with the help of Easy Random Picker. Have a nice day.

28/06/2012 Great news ! Post in our forum and get a KINGSTON USB KEY (datatraveler 101) for FREE. The key includes all TrustFm softwares. The offer includes the postage costs. For more informations please look here. Notice that the registrations at our forums are done manually.
Five winners will get the USB Flash Drive for free.

04/06/2012 I am really happy to see more and more people use Foto2Avi. I also posted a new article on hw2sw. Now i am working on Screen2Avi PRO.
This project has a lot of new features.
It will be shareware like Desktop Zoomer
Riccardo Giuliani is working on a new CYT version.
I will publish a new home alert system (a series of articles) at hw2sw.
A lot of stuff is under heavy development.
Stay tuned as always ...

20/04/2012 New Foto2Avi 4.1 release.
It is a bugfixed version. Read the Changelog for more details.

03/04/2012 New major release for Foto2Avi ! The hole project is recompiled into a new RAD. More features added so take a look at the changelog.
The bundled ffmpeg encoder has been updated.
A High Definition 1080p demo video generated with Foto2Avi 4.0 is located here. Lately i am working on a friend's website and on Screen2Avi PRO. I got a French translation of Desktop Zoomer which will be added in the next update.
That's all for now.

14/02/2012 Desktop Zoomer is officially released.
It is a desktop magnifier with a lot of features.
It was a big project, finally released.
Please use the support page in order to leave feedback.
Read the online documentation and try it now.
It can be purchased by share*it.
That's all for now. Stay tuned as always !

12/02/2012 Desktop Zoomer is the new project by TrustFm.
Right now i am on research of shareware providers.
The pages became W3C valid. A lot of things are happening underground.
Desktop Zoomer will be part of screen2avi PRO.
A video of Desktop Zoomer + Screen2Avi Pro can be found here.
I am working really hard on every project.
Lately i have tested Foto2Avi under Win 7 heavily.
No problems found right now.
Riccardo Giuliani publishes OOP tutorials made in the late 2008.
As you can see we have a lot of stuff unreleased due to lack of time.
At conversion center we have changed the look of the site.
We capture traffic from nasa / universities / schools / Banks / GM / and other respectful companies world wide. Thank you.
In the next week i hope to have news about Desktop Zoomer.
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