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Latest Version : 42.11 (Freeware)

About : Txt2Sup is a portable application that converts with one click a SRT / TXT,SUB (MicroDVD) subtitle into a SUP file.
Txt2Sup produces SUP files that, can be used with IfoEdit ( in order to add extra subtitles in a DVD by using the method of re-author.
The quality of the produced subtitles (SUP) is extremely good.
From the version 42.11 is Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Linux compatible.

Why and when you need to use this tool : When you want to add an external textual subtitle on a DVD. This method does not need re-enconding. You just have to re-author your dvd by using IfoEdit. More details about how to use Txt2Sup can be found at the dedicated online documentation page.
Also take a look at the Extended Intenal Guides :
Add Subs To DvD With Menus With Eventual Transcode Guide and Add Subs To DvD Without Menus With Eventual Transcode Guide.
The official download page is located here.
Txt2Sup is Windows 8, 7 Vista and XP compatible

Txt2Sup main screen prospective view

Pad file for updates can be found here :

ChangeLog :
What's new in ver.42.11 :
Info : major upodate. Some parts are completely rewritten.
Updated : compiler [ported to CodeTyphon]
New : Linux version
Added : unicode support for srt and MicroDVD subtitles
Updated : links algorithm
Updated : cleaner interface
Fixed : This version does not disable the antialising of your system fonts (more portable friendly version)
Fixed : more performing algorithm

What's new in ver.42.10 :
New : Bug - Fixed version
Updated : About box links
Updated : Check version
Fixed : Contact links

What's new in ver.42.9 :
Fixed : Command line pal option not worked properly

What's new in ver.42.8 :
Fixed : More accurate timestamps
Added : Better check control of Srt
Added : The tags (<i>,<u>,<b>) are now ignored.
Added : More font sizes
Added : Output filenames have the same srt name
Added : Disable buttons when converting
Added : Abort option
Added : Batch Mode
Added : Command line support
Added : Small tutorial using batch mode. Check our 'How to Use' section
Updated : Better interface
Updated : Filename of the help file
Updated : About Box

What's new in ver.42.7 :
Fixed : Faster Version
Added : Vietnamese support

What's new in ver.42.6 :
Updated : Sup generation engine
Added : Txt2Sup is 50% faster !

What's new in ver.42.5 :
Added : Left - Center - Right Horizontal Alignment
Fixed : Borders limits (compatible with GUI for dvdauthor)

What's new in ver.42.4 :
Added : Vista support
Added : Update function

What's new in ver.42.3 :
Added : More FontSize values support
Added : Saves the configuration values.
Added : You can change the preview image.
Added : Restore of the default values.

What's new in ver.42.2 :
Added : You can choose the outline width. Before had a static value=3.
Added : You can see the value of the top offset.
Added : You can see the value of the gap between two lines.
Fixed : Errors in interface. (All the comboboxes are read only).

What's new in ver.42.1 :
Fixed : When you processed some srt an error like this appeared : '2330,00000000001' is not a valid integer value.

What's new in ver.42.0 hta :
Fixed : Ifo parsing.

What's new in ver.42.0 zita :
a) You can generate a sup without any ifo. Txt2Sup will generate an text help file in order to modify manually your authored VTS_01_0.IFO by using ifoedit.
b) Txt2Sup now detects monochrome ifo pallettes. These kind of ifos usually didnt contained originally any sup that's why they have a default monochrome pallette. In this case Txt2Sup generates a new polychrome pallette and genrates the sup.
c) Txt2Sup in any case (polychrome ifo, monochrome ifo , no ifo at all) generates a help file with the steps that you should do on ifoedit for each case in order to get a DVD with subtitles.

What's new in ver.42.0 epsilon :
You can choose font styles like bold,italics,underlined and their combinations (ex bold+italics).
Fixed : string length control not only on load of the srt but on change (size,font) also.

What's new in ver.42.0 delta :
You can choose the distance of the two lines , SRT with coordinates supported.

What's new in ver.42.0 gamma :
Some bug fixed that used to crash ifoedit.

Special Thanks to Erik Vullings.

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