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Old news 10.

09/02/2007 Newest version for txt2sup. Now Windows Vista Ready.

01/02/2007 Newest versions for avisub and txt2vobsub both Windows Vista Ready.

31/01/2007 Windows Vista compatibility for txt2vobsub (new version).

30/01/2007 Windows Vista compatibility for Avi2Dvd. Check here for more infos. Soon more infos/how-tos for all the programs under Windows Vista.

20/01/2007 New guides added ! 12 Add Subs To Avi for PC Guide , 13 Add Subs To Avi for Standalone DivX Players Guide, 14 Add Subs To MP4 Devices added . Take a look specially on the Add Subs to Portable Devices section and at the Add Avi Subs section. Tips and tricks are explained on how to use avisub/txt2vobsub when and on which device is better one that another !
The progress of avi2dvd is still going on do not worry !
Have a nive day.

23/12/2006 Site updated ! I wish you merry Cristmans and a happy new year !

18/11/2006 Back in business ! Lately a lot of things happened even if i do not report them here! First of all avi2dvd is been rewritten pure at OO basis from scratch. These days i have a lot of problems with mine pcs and a friend of mine helped me a lot lately since he has a computer store with extremely low prices computers. If you live in Italy i heavily suggest you to check out They are all of them avi2dvd compatible ;) I also put a banner on this store since i believe that has some interesting offers for all of you. Take a look !
19/09/2006 New site section ! radio trustfm dot net is released. New site logo , peercast2html and more stuff released !

16/09/2006 The forum seems to be ok. I updated the mirror links on avisub/txt2sup/txt2vobsub/arpa kolla player. I will be back soon !

05/09/2006 The forum is up again with new registration method. I hope this time the spammers let us work freely. In the next week i will release the new avi2dvd version. Stay tuned !

28/07/2006 Hello there ! I wish you happy holidays ! I'm working on avi2dvd ... on August i hope that we have some good news ! Have a nice time !
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