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CSVpad - Official page

Latest Version : 1.2

About :
CSVpad is a handy free CSV (Comma-separated values) editor.
It support's unicode and it is a portable application.
CSVpad can manipolate columns and rows. Export CSV files into html / xml / OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ods) and Microsoft Excel 8.0 (xls) files.
Before downloading CSVpad take a look at the online documentation.
CSVpad is based on the DMcsvEditor
CSVpad works under Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP & Linux.
Use our forums for support.

CSVpad main form

Changelog :
Version 1.2 :
Added : Undo function
Added : Redo function
Updated : Open url
Updated : documentation
Fixed : duplicate rows / columns
Fixed : hotkeys

Version 1.0 :
First public release.

Pad file for updates can be found here :

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