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11/01/2010 Happy new year!!! As i said a lot of new projects are involved with the TrustFm project. FreeSoftwareTools has already 150 freeware applications and we are still updating it. But this is not all! We created a new web application service called Conversion center. Conversion center is an online unit converter. Has already 183 units added and it is updated daily. I hope to all of you a nice and peaceful new year. I would really thank all of you for your support and specially our donators. I will update the donator list as soon as i can.

13/11/2009 is online. Contains free software applications (portable and installable) that i recommend to use. My brother already helps me with the administration and the content of that new web project. Some informations about FreeSoftwareTools project can be found here. Consider that FreeSoftwareTools is a part of the TrustFm project.

25/10/2009 I have a working system :). I made all the backups and i am ready to go. I didnt had to do a lot of installations since i had a personal list of portable applications for years. By the way, i have a domain called but it is under construction for at least two years due to lack of time. I think it is time to start it...

2/10/2009 I finally got a new laptop in order to continue my software development from my new safe location.
I got a new Acer Aspire 5738G. Now i am setting it up, but i already know that i have to spend a lot of time in order to put all of my stuff there.
Stay tuned...

30/09/2009 Returned from L'Aquila (Italy) back to Greece...
The city was completely destroyed, i took some photos of the tragedy :( . I was really lucky. I reordered an ADSL account but two weeks that i have stayed there i had no internet access. I immediatelly realized that i could not take the risk to stay there specially after the new hit of 24/09 at Gran Sasso. (More info here)
I re-backed up all of my stuff of both desktops computers and i letterally escaped to Teramo for 3 days before returning at Greece. The actual situation of L'Aquila was still the same so i took some serius decisions.
1) Change my main development PC
2) Define which hardware solution was better for me under this situation.
In the second process i got imminent help from my brother. More to tell later ...

30/08/2009 Hello. Might sound strange but until now the earthquake activity is still active. More informations can be found at Aquilano, Monti Reattini, Valle dell' Aterno and Gran Sasso are the interested zones. I will attempt to reach this location at 12/9/2009. For one week or so i won't have internet (it is the most probable case). These days i was working on my first shareware software. I will try to respond at your emails and on forum as soon as i can.

06/05/2009 The earthquake activity still goes on. I am located on a safe location. The TrustFm's location is declared safe and accessible by the specialists. The updated list of the victims by the earthquake can be found here .
Working from a new location i managed to upgrade Avi2Dvd. The 0.5 version of avi2dvd has a lot of improvements and a lot less bugs. It is the first stable release of avi2dvd.
I want to dedicate this version to all the victioms of the earthquake.
At this point i want to make clear to you that avi2dvd has two branches. The 0.XX versions and the 1.XX versions.
The 1.XX version will be a lot better but i need time to implement it. I am working on an image converter tool too. A lot of programs will be launched soon.

12/04/2009 At 06 April the TrustFm's location got hit by earthquake. More information for the hole activity can be found here. As you can see the activity has not finished yet. The main event can be found here. The TrustFm project is partially safe. A back up copy (1/April) is used right now. The main two TrustFm's computer units were leaved on the place (shutted down). One portable laptop and a backup copy is on a safe location with me. Photos of the desaster can be found here. I am fine but 293 persons are dead by now :( . Friends of mine lost their houses and business activities. If you have any questions about this terrible event you can disscuss it here. Lets hope that everything will turn back to normal.

03/04/2009 New version for Foto2Avi is released today. The new version is more compatible with youtube (high definition).
Updated version for avi2dvd with be released soon too.
Few days ago i released the new version of Pdf to djvu GUI (ver.2.0) which is a portable applicaton.

02/04/2009 I have finally updated the donation list. Sorry for the long delay. I also prepare a new Foto2Avi version. Lately i was ill so give me some time to adjust a few things. Stay tuned !

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