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Latest Version : 0.6.4

About : Avi2Dvd is an All In One tool that converts with just few clicks any Avi/Ogm/Mkv/Mp4/Wmv/DVD to DVD/SVCD/VCD.
Avi2Dvd is Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 compatible
Supports multiple audiostreams and up to three textual external subtitles.
Avi2Dvd also handles High Definition (HD) films in avi, mkv and mp4 containers.
Avi2Dvd can run natively in :
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.
The latest versions ov Avi2Dvd accept DV-AVI videos, so it can handle captured avi's from digital video cameras.
Avi2Dvd produces semi professional DVD menus with chapter/audio/subtitles buttons easily.
This utility is 100% freeware and uses only free software.
Use the download page in order to get it and check out the how to tutorials for further documentation.
Do not hesitate to use our forum if you have requests or questions. Please use the forum search in order to find solutions for your problems. Also take a look at the features page to find out what codecs and formats are supported by Avi2Dvd.

Avi2Dvd has been heavily tested under all the latest Windows platforms like Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Notice that Avi2Dvd is codec dependent so mega-codec packages may affect the functionality of this avi to DVD tool converter. Try to install the codecs that are recommended on the features section. Morgan splitter is known for instance, that gives several problems with Avi2Dvd. Nero filters too... Once you have a codec problem make sure that you have uninstalled the unsupported codec and try reinstalling Avi2Dvd again.

Pad file for updates can be found here :

Awards :

ChangeLog :
What's new v. 0.6.4
Added : Minimize to tray option
Added : Ask on exit
Added : Settings session
Added : New much cleaner interface
Added : Language dropbox
Updated : Dutch and taiwanese language
Removed : Updater
Updated : Installer

What's new v. 0.6.2
Added : wmv3 hd support
Fixed : bugs parsing video fps
Fixed : About box
Updated : Look and logo of the about box
Updated : PayPal and official site links
Updated : Usage guide
Updated : Installer

What's new v. 0.6.1
Fixed : Audio extraction bug
Fixed : Version check in the about box

What's new v. 0.6
New : First stable release for Win7
Added : MP4 Container support
Added : Installer with codec installation support
Fixed : Division by zero on Win7
Fixed : Several bugs on fps detections
Updated : First release for native support of HD videos
Updated : Installer with codec installation support
Updated : AC3filter 1.63b
Updated : Haali Media Splitter 27.03.2010
Updated : CoreAAC ver.
Updated : ffdshow rev3299 20100303 xxl
Updated : Xvid ver 1.2.2-07062009
Removed : Internal Matroska splitter codec
Removed : Internal Haali codec
Removed : Internal AC3filter 0.70b codec

What's new v. 0.5
New : First stable release
Added : More avi sources supported
Added : Latest Ffdshow
Added : Latest Xvid
Added : Chinese, Norwegian and Serbian languages
Fixed : Interface not supported error
Fixed : No audio found error
Updated : About Box now checks version
Updated : Improved About Box
Updated : Avisynth, AVIMuxGUI, Dvdauthor, Ffmpeg, HcEnc, Sox
Updated : Installer with customizations
Updated : Unistaller with customizations

What's new v. 0.4.5 beta
Added : 100% compatibility with Windows Vista
Added : 100% compatibility with Foto2Avi
Fixed : Floating point by zero error
Fixed : Wrong fps calculation
Fixed : Installer for vista
Fixed : Registration of filters
Updated : HcEnc
Updated : QuEnc
Updated : Avisynth

What's new v. 0.4.4 beta
Fixed : Problems with muxing audio+video. (0 byte iso)
Fixed : Problem of 100% cpu utilization
Updated : More sophisticated audio extraction
Updated : MatroskaSplitter, Realmedia splitter, VsFilter, Haali Media Splitter
Updated : DGIndex 1.4.7
Updated : freeenc 0.5.0 , HcEnc 0.1.8
Updated : German, Croatian languages

What's new v. 0.4.3 beta
Fixed : Distorted audio on mono wav sources
Fixed : Error message at the end of the film when hcenc was selected.
Updated : Haali Matroska Filter
Updated : HCENC version 0.1.6
Updated : Russian Language
Updated AvimuxGui 1.17.4

What's new v. 0.4.2 beta
Added : FFmpeg in order to support really strange audiostreams convertions [like mp3 22050Hz].
Added : Support of 8000/11025/22050 samplerates of mp3/ac3/ogg/wav/wma/aac. [Used ffmpeg].
Added : If an avi has ac3 sound will not be reencoded on an DVD output
Added : Extended wav audio support. From now on these wav are supported : PCM, U-law, A-law, MS ADPCM, IMA ADPCM, GSM (optional), RIFX (big endian) [Used SoX]
Added : BeSweet 1.5 b31
Added : Real 5.1 ch support if the source has an 6ch ac3
Fixed : Zero Byte generated audiostreams
Fixed : Even better sound quality.
Fixed : Oversized bug caused by the extracted audiostreams
Fixed : 29.97 not an valid integer bug

What's new v. 0.4.1 beta
Fixed : Oversized DVD/SVCD/VCD when someone converted with pal->ntsc option enabled.
Fixed : Oversized DVD/SVCD/VCD when someone converted with ntsc->pal option enabled.
Fixed : Serius bug found on wav audio convertion [sox problem]
Fixed : Audio convertion with 0 byte ac3 creation Job Not Done [Bug caused because the path had strange characters like ; _ ! [ ) etc .. ]
Updated : Installer now registers quartz.dll, qasf.dll, qdv.dll, qcap.dll
Updated : mkv files now are beeing joined by avimux and not with vdubmod
Added : Korean language

What's new v. 0.4.0 beta
Added : Auxiliary grid for the DVD menu
Fixed : Boost function
Fixed : Background sound on DVD menus
Updated : New Haali parser

What's new v. 0.3.9 beta
Added : Completely automated audio boost
Fixed : In some cases the audio parser wont worked properly [important bug !]
Updated : Audio Parser

What's new v. 0.3.8 beta
Fixed : In some cases the DVD menu buttons invisible [important update !]
Updated : Method / logic of doing DVD menus
Updated : Avisynth 2.5.6
Updated : Slovak language

What's new v. 0.3.7 beta
Fixed : Video Parser
Fixed : Audio Parser
Fixed : Audio convertion logic
Updated : Dvdauthor/Spumux 0.6.12-2907 (special thx to liquid 217) This will port more 'menu' stability

What's new v. 0.3.6 beta
Added : DV-AVI Support
Fixed : Ntsc->Pal convertion on DVD mode.
Updated : Spanish Language

What's new v. 0.3.5 beta
Updated : Movie (Audio/Video) Parser rewritten from scratch ! Consequences :
1: Avi/Ogm/Mkv with embbed subtitles are now supported
2: Ogm/Mkv with RV10 format supported
3: Wmv/Wma support
4: Optimization of parsing (quicker stream detection)
Added : Haali Media Parser
Added : Ac3filter
Added : Realmedia Gabest Filter (for RV10 support)
Added : SoX
Fixed : AudioStream convertion failure (thanks to SoX)
Fixed : Warning error even if the audio was extracted/converted correctly (The classic JOB NOT DONE error)
Fixed : NTSC DVD menu bug fixed (small but important bug)
Fixed : Small bug interface on DVD menu window
Updated : Language packs
Updated : VMRSnapShot (supports wmv as input files).
Updated : About Box.
Deleted : Lame (not needed any more)

What's new v. 0.3.4 beta
Added : AviMux 1.17.3
Fixed : Subtitles de-synch bug fixed [important bug !]
Fixed : Batch mode on DVD menu fixed [on 0.3.3 worked well only if one job was added !]
Fixed : ChapterButtons default position corrected. [on 0.3.3 you could add only 10 chaptersbuttons]
Fixed : Minimum chapter divisor every 5 min
Updated : About box

What's new v. 0.3.3 beta
Completely new version with massive innovations such as :
Added : DVD Menu designer.
Added : Snapshot tool (can be used to take snapshots from any kind of avi/mkv/ogm/DVD)
Added : Mp3->mp2 tool added in order to put sound on your menus.
Fixed : Some bugs on dvdauthor
Note : Please since a lot o innovations added read our guide from here

What's new v. 0.3.2 beta
Added : New version of Dgmpgdec 1.4.3
Added : New version of Decomb 5.2.2
Added : Danish, Czech language
Fixed : Interlaced error
Fixed : Ogm/mkv wrong fps detection --> This bug caused synch problems with the subtitles

What's new v. 0.3.1 beta
Added : New version of Dgmpgdec 1.4.0
Added : New version of HCEnc 0.1.5
Added : New version of AVI-Mux_GUI 1.17
Added : Swedish, Hungarian language
Fixed : Small bug errors
Fixed : Finnish language bug
Updated : Croatian language

What's new v. 0.3.0 beta
Added : AAC audio support
Added : New version of Dgmpgdec 1.3.1 b5
Added : New version of Quenc 0.61
Added : New version of FreeEnc 0.44
Added : New version of matroska
Added : Finnish language
Fixed : SVCD/VCD size fixed
Fixed : Fps bug parsing on ogm and mkv

What's new v. 0.2.9 beta
Added : MultiAudio support for the DVD. Now the user can create DVDs with up to three audiostreams at once
Added : Manual Chapterlist selection. So you wanted an individual chapterlist ? Here you go ! Just do something like this : 0,1000,2000,3000,4000 this will generate chapters at 0 sec , 1000 sec 2000 sec 3000 sec and at 4000 sec
Added : Warnings. Now if an error appears, this error will be written on the log file so we can se where the problem is located.
Added : Slovak language

What's new v. 0.2.8 beta
Added : New DGIndex 1.3.0 final
Added : Polish, Turkish, Netherlands Languages
Fixed : Interface errors on multiple subtitle selection
Fixed : Russian language

What's new v. 0.2.7 beta
Added : New HCEnc 0.1.4
Added : Spanish, Israeli and Russian language support
Fixed : Bytes calculation function
Fixed : Subtitle options disabled under conditions

What's new v. 0.2.6 beta
Added : Better XP interface support
Fixed : Multilanguage support
Fixed : Small bugs on batch mode

What's new v. 0.2.5 beta
Added : Audio Language on DVD (English , Italian etc...)
Added : DVD Chapters every X minutes.
Added : Iso name label
Added : New HCEnc 0.1.3 encoder
Added : German Language
Added : Save form options
Added : Clear tabbed interface
Fixed : Quenc, freeenc, Nuenc hi quality option
Fixed : Better multilanguage support
Fixed : Interface errors
Fixed : Spumux command line

What's new v. 0.2.4 beta
Added : Batch Mode , from now on the user can encode multiple films/Jobs at once.
Added : New QuEnc Beta 4 fixed a lot of bugs specially in VCDs
Added : New DGIndex 1.3.0 beta 5
Added : Exit confirmation
Added : Croatian, French Language support
Fixed : Log fle (Negative integers).
Fixed : Spumux errors. This error produced 0 byte muxed/iso files.

What's new v. 0.2.3 beta
Added : Audio Bitrate Selection
Added : New version of QuEnc Encoder
Fixed : Important Vcd error on audio extraction.

What's new v. 0.2.2 beta
Added : Avi2Dvd deletes useless temporary files , Avi2Dvd uses much less space from now on !
Added : Avi2Dvd detects avi files with wma audio and shows an error message. (Wma at this moment is not supported).
Fixed : Disc Space prediction.

What's new v. 0.2.1 beta
Added : Select destination folder
Added : Portugal, Brazilian Language support
Fixed : NuEnc matrix.ini not found error
Fixed : Mp3 Audio parsing

What's new v. 0.2.0 beta
Added : Korean/Japanese/Chinese/Thai subtitle support
Added : Aspect Ratio Convertion (from 4/3 to 16/9 etc ... )
Added : Aspect Ratio 16/9 support
Added : More detailed Avi2Dvd Log File
Added : Added a new MPEG2 Freeware Encoder : HCEnc ! Has really good quality ! Give it a try !
Fixed : Interface errors.
Fixed : Interface now fits on 800*600 resolutions.
Fixed : Small multilanguage errors.

What's new v. 0.1.9 beta :
Added : Fixed interface.

What's new v. 0.1.8 beta :
Added : Multilanguage support
Fixed : Errors of 1000*1000 or more resolutions
Fixed : The mkv parsing
Fixed : Serious bug on avs resizing.

What's new v. 0.1.7 beta :
Fixed : Cannot open file
Fixed : Avi audio parsing
Fixed : Mkv audio parsing
Fixed : Ogm audio parsing

What's new v. 0.1.6 beta :
Added : More kinds of audiostreams recognized.
Added : PCM/WAV audio support.
Added : New audiostreams filters (oggsplitter, avisplitter, vsfilter).
Fixed : I/O error 32.
Fixed : blank "Choose AudioStream".
Fixed : Aspect ratio errors fixed.

What's new v. 0.1.5 beta :
Added : DVD input support.
Added : Multi avi/ogm/mkv support.
Added : Multi srt/txt support.
Added : CCE support
Versions CCE supported :
Added : Interlaced support for avi/ogm/mkv
Fixed : Aspect ratio stuff.
Fixed : Corrupted audio parsing.

What's new v. 0.1.1 beta :
First public release.

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