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Old news 05.

29/10/2005 : Avi2dvd updated at 0.4.1 version. Upgrade is a must ;)
Site updated . More external guides added, the avi2dvd page looks better ;)

27/10/2005 : Folder2Iso update . Now supports charsets. ;)
Avi2dvd updated 0.4.0. The grid will be usefull on all of you for doing even more good-looking menus !

26/10/2005 : Site updated [restricted].
Bad news No 1 : Guestbook off forever [thx to idiot spammers].
Bad news No 2 : Forum private [thx to useless Non registered Guest posters that had the SAME ERROR/im pissed off, etc].
Bad news No 3 : mail is gone grafical and not clicable [thx to spammers]
Bad news No 4 : if the mail tragedy continues i will discontinue like the guestbook
Good news : Tommorow will be released the Avi2dvd 0.4.0 verson has 4 changes, two of them are important. [Auxuliary grid on dvd menu is one of them]

23/10/2005 : New version of avi2dvd (0.3.9). More stable version.
As you can see i work hardly lately on the project so click my banners if you are interested ;)
For any bugfixing please use as FIRST option the forum and not the mail . I got a lot of spam daily .
So,me words about the forum :
Post the logfile on the forum . Generic posts like 'i get problem', 'what can i do' from now on will be closed immediately ! In the forum isnt requested even to register [which happens to the 99% of all the forums today] so please respect it ...
Ps 1 : I will be really happy to see yours dvd menus posted here
Ps 2 : Please use the forum search option before you post an new thread !
Bad news : I think that if the spammers continue this way i have to delete my guestbook .

21/10/2005 : New version of avi2dvd (0.3.8). Dvd Menu fixed ;) Tested on many dvd players with success !

18/10/2005 : New version of avi2dvd (0.3.7). An more bugfixed version ! If you have problems post on the forum so we can find out the solution !

16/10/2005 : New version of avi2dvd (0.3.6). DV support added ;)

14/10/2005 : New version of avi2dvd (0.3.5) with huge updates and corrections. Wmv support !

08/10/2005 : Massive bugfixed 0.3.4 avi2dvd version released ! (Yep after one day only ! ) . Important bugs are fixed on this version like the subs desynchronization when someone loaded partial avis (matrix cd1.avi , matrix cd2.avi etc ...)

07/10/2005 : New avi2dvd version with dvd menu support !( 0.3.3 beta )
Completely new version with massive innovations such as : Added : Dvd Menu designer.
Added : Snapshot tool (can be used to take snapshots from any kind of dvd/avi/mkv/ogm)
Added : Mp3->mp2 tool added in order to put sound on your menus.
Fixed : Some bugs on dvdauthor
Note : Please since a lot o inovvations added read our guide from here
New guides added :
01 Dvd5 To Dvd 5 Or Dvd 9 To Dvd9 Guide ver2 By TrustFm
02 Dvd9 To Dvd5 With Menus With Transcode Guide ver2 By TrustFm
07 Avi To Dvd(S)vcd With Or Without Menu Guide ver1 By TrustFm

01/10/2005 : I am preparing the avi2dvd with menu support you can check out whats going on here. On 3-4 days i will release the 0.3.3 version now im doing heavy beta testing to release an as i can stabler version ! [I have an stable alpha version but im still try to check if it is buggy or not] . Post any comments on our forum !

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