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23/01/2012 Happy new year ! As i said Screen2Avi would had a new version.
I am forced due to strict economical reasons to make that version shareware.
Lately i have really big problems with google and its "news" algorithms.
We have really a hard time at Conversion Center.
The same happened at Hw2Sw project.
Right now i am focusing on a new completely shareware project called "Desktop Zoomer". It's release should be within ths month. That's all for now.

15/11/2011 New release for Foto2Avi.
New audio feature added. Drag and drop under Win7 is now working.
A new version of Screen2Avi will be relased later this month.

11/11/2011 New major release of VobsubMuxer released today.
This new version has a lot of improvements. Better GUI and more tahn 32 subtitle support. Mkvmerge subtitles are suupported as input. A new version of Foto2Avi should be ready next week !
Stay tuned as always !

10/11/2011 New version of Txt2Vobsub released today.
I am working with Michael Mitzi in order to bug fix the VobsubMuxer.
A new version of this utility will be available soon. We are at the bug fixing stage.

03/11/2011 New version of VobsubMuxer released today. A new Txt2Vobsub version will be relesed later this week.
Stay tuned!

16/10/2011 New version of Avi2Dvd. The new version of avi to dvd has a lot of bugfixes and some new features.
The gui is changed after a lot of time. A new settings button has been added.
This new feature makes avi2dvd more user friendly.
More informations can be found at changelog.

24/09/2011 New software and hardware web site made by TrustFm, Riccardo and Federico Giuliani.
I am writing under name "tasos". The site is called hw2sw (hardware to software), has software and hardware tutorials, videos, theory and quick guides.
Arduino open hardware is also in the menu. PCB manifacture at home, easy and complex harware and software projects are also included. The first hardware - software open project will be a Liquid Filler called LiquidFiller, an open software and hardware project that fills bottles based on their weight.
The project is complex and will be explained in a lot of smaller tutorials with videos.
Following the tutorial anyone can build it at home for free.
We are currently covering : theory, software prototyping and it's implementation, hardware design and it's implementation.
We have a long way to cover but we have faith. Updates at foto2avi, screen2avi and avi2dvd are imminent. STAY TUNED

28/07/2011 New version for Txt2Sup released today. Screen2Avi gained some popularity . Thanks for your support.

21/07/2011 New version for AviSub released today. More updates are coming soon.

20/07/2011 Updated version of Screen2Avi. A new bugfixed version released today. Some screencaptured demo videos were uploaded on the youtube. You can watch them here

08/07/2011New software launched today called Screen2Avi. It is a video and image screen capturer. As always this tool is freeware ! It is fully compatible with Foto2Avi. You can always use our forums in order to ask questions and new features. An online documentation for Screen2Avi is located in this link.
Read the tutorial carefully in order to obtain the required knowledge for the better use of the program.
Enjoy !

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