Software & hardware made in Greece


Software & Hardware prototyping

Video section
Arpa Kolla Player

Arpa Kolla Player : Simple video player

Avi To DVD

Avi2Dvd : AVI to DVD converter


AviSub : Add subtitles into AVI

Desktop Zoomer

Desktop Zoomer : Screen magnifier


Foto2Avi : Video editor & video slideshow maker


Screen2Avi : Screen recorder


Txt2Sup : Add subtitles into DVD


Txt2Vobsub : Generate VobSub subtitles

Vobsub Muxer

Vobsub Muxer : Generate multi language VobSubs

Hardware section
A compact & low cost liquid filling machine

LiquidFiller® : An affordable liquid filling machine

Making a Prusa I3

3D Printer : Constructing a Prusa I3

HTPC Tutorials

HTPC : Construct your own Home theater PC

Shop section
Buy our software applications

Buy our shareware : Register your software

Buy hardware

Buy our hardware : Buy hardware & 3D prints

Utilities applications section
Bcompiler GUI

Bcompiler GUI : Compile & obfuscate PHP scripts

Contact Contacts

Contact Contacts : A secure organizer


CSVpad : A simple CSV editor

Cut Your Time

Cut Your Time : Alarm / event creator

Digital multimeter Data Logger

DMM Data Logger : for Mastech MS8229 & VC-820

Document generator

DocumentGenerator : generate text from templates

Easy Random Picker

Easy Random Picker : Extract random winners

Folder To Iso

Folder2Iso : Generate ISO from any folder


Font2OpenSCAD : Create fonts for OpenSCAD


NoZip : File joiner & splitter with steganography

Pdf To Djvu GUI

Pdf To Djvu GUI : PDF to DJVU converter

Picophone Caller

Picophone Caller : IP publisher for Picophone

SD Sorter

SD Sorter : Sort SD Cards by name, size & date


VaultPad : Message encryptor (AES/RSA)

WAN IP Logger

WAN IP Logger : Get & store your WAN IP


WiFi2Hotspot : Turn your laptop into a WiFi router

Ebooks and documentation section
Develop Win/Linux/Mac desktop applications using Object Pascal

Learn Object Pascal : Develop desktop applications

How to get a free domain and a free web host

Free domain & hosting : How to get a free domain

How to configure a Dedicated server

Dedicated Server : Configure a server with Webmin

Hardware and software tutorials

Hardware & software tutorials : Online documentation

Conversion Center

Conversion Center : Online unit converter / calculator

Free Software Tools

Free Software Tools : Online software catalog

Hw2Sw - Hardware and software theory

Hw2Sw : Hardware & software theory blog

3D Matrix - Making virtual reality applications

3D Matrix : 3D applications & virtual reality solutions

TrustFm Forums

Forums : Get online support


Advertise : Get custom advertise ...

About the author

About the author : Some words about the author ...

Mobile applications section

Clicker4Dog : Pet training tool


GRBLDroid : Android standalone CNC Controller


GRBLDroidBT : Bluetooth version of GRBLDroid

Web applications section

Simple File Gallery : Create online file galleries

IP Address Locator

IP Address Locator : Locate IP addresses

W3C YouTube Producer

W3C YouTube Producer : Get W3C compliant yt code

Conversion Center

Conversion Center : Online unit converter / calculator

Generators Pack

Generators Pack : Online QR Code generator