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Old news 13.

02/01/2008 Happy new year ! New Txt2Vobsub version with a lot of changes!

23/12/2007 I would like to thanks Ron Paquet for his constant donations. I will fully update the donators list soon. Your donations help me to implement and test better my sofware (txt2vobsub,foto2avi).

11/12/2007 As announced : New version for Foto2Avi is ready with a lot of add ons !

7/12/2007 New versions for Txt2Sup, Txt2Vobsub and Avisub. The new version of Foto2avi is prepared for tomorrow !

20/11/2007 New version of Txt2Vobsub [ver 3.0]. Txt2vobsub became an standalone application.

18/11/2007 New version of Txt2Sup [ver 42.6]. New sup engine has been added in order to rewrite easier Txt2vobsub. Txt2Vobsub is already re-done but i am testing it, for better and more stable results. I am pretty happy about Txt2Vobsub and i think that tomorrow will be online. Txt2Vobsub will be standalone application like Txt2Sup [no more son2vobsub] and i am pretty sure that will work under linux with the help of wine (like Txt2Sup). The results are awesome ! Stay tuned !

03/11/2007 New version of Txt2Sup [ver 42.5] added today. Special thanks for the testing to Francois Visagie. Lately the site is a little slow since we have an huge increment of users . I think that this increment is caused from LifeHacker . I have thank them who added avi2dvd on their Top 10 Free Video Rippers, Encoders, and Converters List !
Lately A LOT happens ;) I am creating a new website about Freeware Tools. The tools will be rare and highly reccomended.
Stay tuned !
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