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The divx/DVD standalone player choice for someone could sound rather easy, but it is not , specially if the user does not know exactly what needs and what exactly is going to introduce in the near future.
Nowdays divx6 come up with several features that are really cool and useful.
Some of them are :
Chapter support
Divx interactive menus
Multi audio support
Multi subtitles support (xsubs)

Apart of the divx menus which is rather early to talk about, all the other options from some players are already supported. Specially the xsubs should be an great solution for poor people like Greeks/Slovaks/Polish that use heavily subtitles with strange codepages. The xsub is an visual format so no codepage is needed ! Already there is an tool, avisub, that converts an avi+srt on an *.divx file with visual xsub subtitles.
So ... if nowdays someone wants to buy an divx player i would recommend an divx6 supported player. Furthermore i would like to see an player with vobsub support.

I personally recommend these players :

H&B DX-3255
Except the H&B DX-3255 all the others are Officially Certified Products by
If you don't want any vobsub support, all the players that can be found on the Officially Certified Products list, are recommended.

A good list of divx players can be found here (
A good alternative list of divx players can be found here (

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