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Old news 03 .

29/6/2005 : New fixed version of txt2vobsub !

18/6/2005 : I made all the guides in html mode also so you can watch them on web without downloading them . In the next days i will add some new guides !

11/6/2005 : Out of topic but it is kind of interesting !
TomsHardware mades an interesting test : Stress Test AMD X2 4800+ VS INTEL 840EE . Visit the test page here
The strange thing is the results... take a look ;)

11/6/2005 : New look of the site! I hope that now looks a little bit better... Now im working on the new version of avi2dvd ;)

26/5/2005 : New version of avi2dvd released!

23/5/2005 : Another scam sites :
Do not even go over these sites since they have really harmful stuff on their pages !
I already made the 0.3.0 version with AAC audio support , i 'm testing it right now. Within 48 hours i will release it .

18/5/2005 : Softpedia kindly offered two mirrors in order to host avi2dvd.

17/5/2005 : Well im pretty happy since the new version look that fixed a lot of problems.
Now im working on aac audio support and after that i will try to add the menu as i said before .
An company has contacted to me giving me the opportunity to add spyware in order to get some money . I just refused for reasons that all users know. Don't we ?;) .
If someone want to help me just click on the google banners if it is interest on that adverise!
Google's addons do not have scam sites, you can get some really attractive offers!
Do not panic since the project will remain free because it is based on freeware tools.

16/5/2005 : As i said the new avi2dvd version 0.2.9 is out. Read more on the avi2dvd main page .
Reburn, our power moderator has made an potential guide on avi2dvd in Hebrew . Take a look here. I hope that some good english guides will appear soon.

15/5/2005 : I just made an functional version of avi2dvd with multi audio support . From now on avi2dvd will support up to 3 audiostreams when you output an dvd. I also fixed the log file so from now the user can see exactly what gone wrong. If for example the audio wasn't extracted correctly, avi2dvd will not start the video encoding. I also added and text box for manual chapter-list creation .
Now im testing it so i hope tomorrow i will release the 0.2.9 version with these and some other smaller updates. Hope that the new feautures will like to all of you !
For those who asking when the dvd-menu will be ready, i have to say that this still need time. It can take me a lot time but i will try to add it . For now lets correct the actual bugs . I added the multi-audio support since that function will impact directly on the dvd - menu . (The user from the main menu can change the audiosreams that he likes).

8/5/2005 : Im working on a new version of avi2dvd . For now i'm trying to add mutli-audio support for the dvds. After that i will add an menu option gui... This will take some time but i think i can make it.
Some more guides added on "external guides" section.

8/5/2005 : Avi2dvd 0.2.8 released some small bugs fixed.
BEWARE : Seems that some sites in internet releasing fake versions of avi2dvd containing viruses and dialers !!!
I already found thes two scam sites :
These sites are naming avi2dvd like "Download Avi2Dvd 0.. crack and keygen (serial number)". Do not even go over these sites since they have really harmful stuff on their pages !
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