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Old news 18.

17/12/2010 A new tutorial called "Foto2avi and 5.1 Audio Support" is written on our forums. Please visit this link if you are interested. Now with the new Foto2Avi 3.2 version you can create surround files. We are looking forward to provide better HTML5 video support in the next versions. As always stay tuned !

14/12/2010 New release for Foto2Avi. From now on Foto2Avi supports 5.1 surround audio. Tutorials will be found soon on our forums and on the how to guide of foto2avi. The 3.2 version has a lot of bugfixes. More details can be found at Foto2Avi dedicated page. Have a nice day as always.

24/11/2010 The domain from late september till now is hosted under hostgator. We have moved away from bluehost due to CPU throttling limitations. As you can see we do the best in order to have a decent service up and running. I must say that i am very happy with our new hosting plan. I added an useful article on the forums called How to solve audio problems with *.mov files I also add some radio amateur videos made by me with the help of Foto2Avi. All these videos can be found at my youtube channel. More to come very soon.

18/09/2010 had a DDoS attack from the 15th of September till 16th. A Chinese "hacker" made a bot that downloaded every 10 seconds the last two days "Pdf To Djvu Gui". At this point i have to say that from July has a lot of enemies, believe it or not this is a fact. This fact encourages me more to keep up and running this web site. I want to dedicate this song to our enemies.

What ?! Our Chinese "hackers" do not know Greek ?! These arent the guru guys that know everything ? As always stay tuned !

17/09/2010 We just upgraded our forums from phpBB2 to phpBB3. We added some new subforums and modifided some others. The forums are w3c compatible as always.

19/08/2010 The web directory was removed due to inactivity. Conversioncenter has now over 1100 units. I am starting to code some new projects as always! Have a nice day

04/08/2010 We have finally moved from to Some links might not work, we are testing everything since we where on a Windows hosting plan and moved into a Linux plan. Aruba had a lot of sercurity and bandwith problems. Now we are providing direct links on some of our software applications hoping that the speed of our new web server will be good. Hotlinking is not permitted for obvious reasons. I am pretty dissapointed by and i want to give my apologizes to all of you people hoping for a better surfing experience. I am trying as always to do my best. Stay tuned more software stuff is coming !!!
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