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Old news 06.

29/11/2005 : New version of avi2dvd [0.4.3 ] small bugfixing... I will really want to say thx for the testing to all of mine members of the forum ! They helped me to fix a lot of bugs lately ! I added some new external avi2dvd guides. later i will pubblish some new guides and stuff.

22/11/2005 : I added some new external guides . I was very pleased to see that the official site of the terratec has an guide on avi2dvd ! Check it out ;) .
Also some new avi2dvd awards are added on the avi2dvd page . Currently im working one the new avi2dvd release . In an week i think that i will publish it. I would also like to thx layer for the webspace that he offered to me in order to add folder2iso, ak player txt2sup and Txt2Vobsub.

21/11/2005 : Folder2iso updated ! Nowdays im updating avi2dvd too ! So please stay tuned as always :D

14/11/2005 : Website update ! Finally i got some time and i made an clean web interface. Now im working on the hardware section ;)

10/11/2005 : Some web update... New search option added so you can search our website.

07/11/2005 : New version of avi2dvd (0.4.2). Many bugfixes and even more audiostreams suppoted !
Im working hard in order to bring up some really stable version . I think that im pretty close after all these beta versions. After the 0.4.1 version i think that we have an pretty stable version ... ;) (Older-->Newer)
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