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Old news 17.

28/07/2010 is under hack attack. I personally requested domain transfer from to for security reasons. More informations can be found here The domain transfer takes from 24-48 hours. The current state is : Pending Losing Registrar Approval

09/06/2010 New version of Foto2Avi. The 3.1 version has a lot of bug fixes and some new features. I am very pleased to see that evey day i find new videos made with Foto2Avi on youtube. Some videos can be easily found from the search engine of youtube. The nail art design video is a great example of zoom in and zoom out animation. More new stuff are always ready to release... and as i always say ... STAY TUNED !!! :)

18/05/2010 These days i had a lot of problems with the health of my father. I managed to release foto2avi with a small delay. The third major release of foto2avi is out. The new version supports audio effects and can handle as input mkv and mp4 videos. As output you can create High Definition videos using the x264 codec with a maximum 1080p resolution.

24/04/2010 New version for Folder2Iso is released today. The version 1.5 is Windows 7 compatible and includes the latest version of mkisofs [2.01.01a77-win32].
All the pages of avi2dvd, foto2avi and folder2iso became W3C compatible in order to guarantte the correct rendering of our pages to all W3C compatible browsers.

23/04/2010 A new version of Avi2Dvd is already done but it is not released yet. Same is valid for folder2iso. Foto2avi is still implemented. The newer version of foto2avi will include sound effects. In our website we added the addthis button so you can add easily all our webpages tou your favorite social networks.

15/04/2010 The 0.6.1 version for Avi2Dvd is released today. It is a bug fixed version from the older one. The upgrade is essential thats why the 0.6 vesrion is not offered anymore.

14/04/2010 New version for Avi2dvd. The 0.6 version of Avi2dvd supports natively all the High Definition videos (HD) that are included on the avi, mkv and mp4 containers. The 0'6 version is the first version that support the MP4 container. A lot of bugs were fixed specially under Windows 7. Take a closer look at the new feautures to the dedicated page. Enjoy the new avi2dvd version.

07/04/2010 Hello there ! I recently made a paid web link directory with pagerank 5.
Now with only 3 Euros you can put your web page link with a short description for a lifetime period on our web link directory. The payment can be easily done with PayPal.
Please consider advertising in our web directory. Thanks !

24/03/2010 A new version of Avi2dvd is been prepared. This new version will be windows 7 tested and compatible. FreeSoftwareTools has even more freeware applications. Conversion center has already 901 units. A new SUB-project is already completed with the name Archaic Units of Measure and Conversions. Archaic Units of measure converts archaic measures like conversion center. It's current version contain 1965 units. Also a new version of Foto2Avi is almost ready. Have a nice day and as always stay tuned. (Older-->Newer)
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