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05/06/2011 New version for Foto2Avi. This version is focused on captured avi inputs. A simple tutorial will be added on our forums later this day. Have a nice day and as always stay tuned !

05/05/2011 A new freeware program called Contact Contacts created by TrustFm just released today. It is a free secure organizer with bulk email and sms capabilities.
As always a new free project offered from this site . Hope you like it. Enjoy and have a nice day !

16/04/2011 New project launched. Yeah! It is called "Cut your time". It is a free application that allows you to create alarms (reminders). It is made by Riccardo Giuliani. Take a look here for more informations. From now on we will call Cut Your Time like this : CYT.

28/03/2011 New version for Folder2Iso. Abort feauture has been added. The size of the new version of Folder2Iso is smaller.

27/03/2011 Tutorials have been updated with our official url and emails.
Within few days a new freeware general application should be published made by Riccardo Giuliani.
Updates for folder2iso and foto2avi are imminent.
The donations paypal links where updated (US localization).

17/03/2011 Within few days a new version of folder2iso will be released. Have a nice day.

13/03/2011 New Avi2Dvd version released today. The 0.6.2 version of avi2dvd has a lot of small updates. Please upgrade ! New versions for folder2iso and foto2avi are coming reallly soon.
A new alerter project is also mature for its first release made by Riccardo Giuliani.
We will add it on the General tools section.
Have a nice day. And as always stay tuned.

20/02/2011 The donators list is now updated with the all teh donators. I am really sorry that i was not able to do this operation earlier due lack of time but i am pretty sure that i did not miss none of my donators. Check the list here. I have also updated the PayPal donation links with new much cleaner html code. Have a nice day !

12/02/2011 Selling digital products with PayPal is now free of charge and is available online. You can start reading this method my clicking here. A new avi2dvd version is also ready to be published. will soon be updated with even more units. Stay tuned !

04/02/2011 Great news ! After 4 years i took the decision to publish freely the "Selling digital products with PayPal" method. I will publish it as soon as possible. Have a nice day as always.

18/01/2011 Happy new year. Lately i have made some tests and applications using the arduino hardware. As always i am testing new tecnologies. I am also thinking a new foto2avi version. For now take a look of my new TCP/IP client server which pilots arduino opening 12 leds here Remember, new year new projects to come !

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