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Old news 15.

06/03/2009 For the PHP developers i made a nice gui called Bcompiler GUI. Bcompiler GUI is a free PHP bytecode compiler, can be used to compile and sell your own PHP scripts as genuine digital products. Have a nice day.

1/1/2009 Happy new year. Let's hope for a peaceful new year. A lot of work is done lately undergroundly. Everything should be clear within 30 days. Stay tuned. In the mean time if you are fan of Prog-Rock take a look at Theodore Ziras

07/11/2008 A lot of stuff is going underground at We are almost ready to launch our first (serious) web application. The spirt of this web application will be free like everything over this website.
Also a new, better tested, version of Foto2Avi is launched today (version 2.2) . With this version i made the new video of "Selling digital products with PayPal". You can watch the video here
I also want to thank everyone who purchased the "Selling digital products with PayPal" these months. I hope that you will find it helpful for setting up your online business.

15/10/2008 The version of foto2avi will be releashed a bit later since i made some testings. In the meantime i made a new video of "Selling digital products with PayPal". I hope that this video will clear some doubts about the quality and the functionality of the product.

09/08/2008 A new version of Foto2Avi is on rails. I hope that it will be online within three days. I just made some finetuning. Have nice holidays, enjoy the olympic games and specially the spirit of them.

20/06/2008 As you may noticed three days ago i have released the "Selling Digital Products with PayPal" . It is a method totally written by me. If you find it helpful or have any problems please contact me. I think that with this method you can make some money by selling your digital products to others. It is a lifetime solution and does not involves third companies or commissions. I must admnit that Pdf to Djvu Gui was made for this project since i did not wanted only a pdf version. So "Selling Digital Products with PayPal" expanded a lot TrustFm project. I hope that you will have a nice summer with some holidays so you can learn new things ;)

03/06/2008 A lot of news but no time to write them.
The bad news :
1) First of all you may noticed a human attack at the forums from I am trying to find a lawyer or an organization and take a legal defence for this attack. The incredible of this story is that talking with them they did not deny that the spam attack starts from themselves.

2) Another annoying thing and a first (and i hope last) time pubblic declaration : The 'Cretan' flag at Avi2Dvd does not have any political scope or any division from Hellas / Greece profile. The flag is used ironically and you have to understand that, infact i write 'cretan dialect' on the hint of the flag. Unfortunately some people specially from a specified extremist political part keeps attacking me. The same thing happens on other programs with the use of the Catalan flag, Arabic flag and so on...
Some good news now :
1) I am about to finish an ebook that will help you make some money and do your bussiness over the internet. I was writting ths ebook for the last 5 months. I hope that you will appreciate my work.
2) Everything is still under heavy development like avi2dvd and foto2avi. Some new software and web projects are planned too.
3) Progress has been made with my hosting plan and at least 20 days now the site should be load faster. They have moved me on another server that seems faster.
4) I keep finding a lot of web videos made with foto2avi. That are great news to my ears! Thanks for using it!
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