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Folder2Iso - Documentation

Please read the small guide. If you have problems, try to see the detailed internal/external guides and then try using our forums. If you still have problems then you can contact us by e-mail.
Usage :
1) Just press "Select Folder" and add your root folder that you want to convert it into ISO.
You can also drag and drop your root folder into Folder2Iso.
ex :

2) Select the output path and add a name like "Matrix.iso".

3) Write a ISO label

4) Hit the "Generate ISO" button

a) Please note that you can not save the ISO at the same path of the Step 1 .
Ex :

b) From the version 3.0 and above you can do multiple ISO jobs at once by checking "Enable jobs".
As before load a root folder , select the output path of the job, write a label and hit the "Add" button in order to add the first job at the job list.
You can now go ahead and add a new root folder, select a new output path, give a new label and hit again the "Add" button in order to add a second job and so on...
Notice that you can remove a job by selecting it from the job list.
Once you have added all your jobs at the job list hit the "Generate Batch" button.
Select a name and a path for your "bat" file.
Close Folder2Iso.
Now by doubleclicking your "bat" file Folder2Iso will produce all your ISO jobs.

c) If you are a command line fan you can use Folder2Iso by commanline like this :

Folder2Iso.exe "INPUT_FOLDER" "PATH\NAME.ISO" "ISO LABEL" Subfolders_int Files_int Size_int "CHARSET CODE /OR 'None'"

ex :
Folder2Iso.exe "D:\TEMP" "D:\out.iso" "my label" 2992 20990 2677106637 "None"

You can also ignore Subfolders_int Files_int Size_int by giving 0
ex :
Folder2Iso.exe "D:\TEMP" "D:\out.iso" "my label" 0 0 0 "None"

ex :
Folder2Iso.exe "D:\TEMP" "D:\out.iso" "my label" 0 0 0 "UTF-8"

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