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Folder2Iso - Documentation

Please read the small guide. If you have problems, try to see the detailed internal/external guides and then try using our forums. If you still have problems then you can contact us by e-mail.
Usage :
1) Just press "Select Folder" and add your root folder that you want to convert it into ISO.
You can also drag and drop your root folder into Folder2Iso.
ex :

2) Select the output path and add a name like "Matrix.iso".

3) Write a ISO label

4) Hit the "Generate ISO" button

Under Linux you have to install mkisofs. Most distros have already installed this software.
Folder2Iso under Linux generates sh instead of bat files for multiple ISO jobs and can launch them after their generation.
You also need GTK2 libraries installed at your Linux system.

a) Please note that you can not save the ISO at the same path of the Step 1 .
Ex :

b) From the version 3.0 and above you can do multiple ISO jobs at once by checking "Enable jobs".
As before load a root folder , select the output path of the job, write a label and hit the "Add" button in order to add the first job at the job list.
You can now go ahead and add a new root folder, select a new output path, give a new label and hit again the "Add" button in order to add a second job and so on...
Notice that you can remove a job by selecting it from the job list.
Once you have added all your jobs at the job list press the "Generate Batch" button.
Select a name and a path for your bat(under Windows), sh(under Linux) file.
Close Folder2Iso.
Now by doubleclicking your bat/sh file Folder2Iso will produce all your ISO jobs.

c) If you are a command line fan you can use Folder2Iso by commanline like this :

Folder2Iso.exe "INPUT_FOLDER" "PATH\NAME.ISO" "ISO LABEL" Subfolders_int Files_int Size_int "CHARSET CODE /OR 'None'"

ex :
Folder2Iso.exe "D:\TEMP" "D:\out.iso" "my label" 2992 20990 2677106637 "None"

You can also ignore Subfolders_int Files_int Size_int by giving 0
ex :
Folder2Iso.exe "D:\TEMP" "D:\out.iso" "my label" 0 0 0 "None"

ex :
Folder2Iso.exe "D:\TEMP" "D:\out.iso" "my label" 0 0 0 "UTF-8"

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