Desktop Zoomer Features

Blue arrow Some features of Desktop Zoomer:
  • Portable version.
  • Installable version.
  • Windows 8 , Windows 7 & Windows Vista compatible.
  • 32 and 64 bit versions
  • Start at windows startup.
  • Show glass at startup.
  • Show options when Desktop Zoomer starts up.
  • Show information on the glass.
  • Multi language support with po files.
  • Zoom in and out with 0.1 steps.
  • Set lens dimensions (width and height).
  • Set lens position (under cursor, fixed position, follow the mouse).
  • Full screen lens option with thumbnail preview.
  • Set an active zone of the lens (out of the active zone the lens should be inactive).
  • Set a quality for your lens.
  • Define border width and color for your lens.
  • Hide the general mouse cursor.
  • Select cursors. (White/yellow/black arrow, Cross, Centerless cross, Grid)
  • Follow the caret on text editing.
  • Set move detection time (ms) and refresh time (ms) in order to limit the CPU usage.
  • Effects like : Grayscale, negative, horizontal and vertical flip, brightness, contrast, saturation and the "web designer" glass.
  • Take zoomed or original screenshots.
  • BMP or JPEG (with compression level from 0 to 100) screenshots format.
  • Hotkeys support.
  • Create, load, save and delete Desktop Zoomer profiles.
  • Multi screen monitor support. (Single PC multi-monitor)
  • Chm documentation
Windows 8 mode
This mode works only under Windows Vista , Windows 7 & Windows 8.
This is an alternative method of magnification.
This method is system - bit dependent.
In Windows (Vista,7,8) 32 bit you have to use the DesktopZoomer 32 bit version
In Windows (Vista,7,8) 64 bit you have to use the DesktopZoomer 64 bit version
By using this method :
a) The mirroring effect which happened in the under cursor mode at Windows 8 dissapears.
b) You obtain GPU acceleration and not CPU. (with aero enabled, when this is possible [Windows Vista,7])
c) It is more efficient on Windows 7 & Windows 8
d) You lose some features like the brightess effect and some cursor options.

Blue arrow Desktop Zoomer has these limitations when it is unregistered :
  • Shows up the "Information panel" form.
  • You get only 30 runtimes.
  • After a couple of minutes the "Unregister version" message should appear within the lens told by Mistoklas.
  • You can not use it commercially.
  • In the about box you get "UNREGISTERED".

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