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Txt2Vobsub - Documentation

Please read this official online documentation. If you have problems, try to see the detailed internal/external guides. If you still have problems, doubts, try searching our forum or you can contact us by e-mail.

Usage :
1) Just load your SRT. At this time the program looks the width of every textual subtitle in order to fit it on the video screen.
2) If the SRT loads correctly then choose the correct fps and press Generate VobSub. Otherwise try to edit the srt or just pick a smaller font.

How to convert multiple vobsub files at once :
From the 3.3 version and up Txt2Vobsub support the batch mode.
You can use it like this :
1)Load your first subtitle by pressing 'Load srt'
2)Now Txt2Vobsub checks the subtitles, if everything goes ok it will be loaded on Txt2Vobsub correctly, if not just try to select a smaller font size or try to edit your subtitle with notepad2/Geany in order to make the subtitles shorter.
3)Select fps,colors etc ... and when you finish press 'Add to Batch' select an output file like 'MyBatch'
4)Now Load your second subtitle by pressing 'Load srt' ... (Repeat the steps 1,2,3). Different subtitles can have different options like size,color...
5)After loading all the subtitles you wanted and adding them on MyBatch close Txt2Vobsub.
6)Find the 'MyBatch.bat' file and run it by double-clicking it.
7)You are done !

Create multilanguage vobsubs :
If you want to create multilanguage vobsubs then just create the IDX/SUB individually and then mux them with VobsubMuxer.

Windows 8/7 and Vista Compatibility :
Txt2vobsub from the version 2.7 and above is 100% Windows Compatible.
Notice that from the version 4.0 there is also a Linux version.

Tips :
Tip1 : In order to see the subtitles on PC/standalone device you
must rename the files like that:

Play your avi using MPC-HC, PotPlayer or VLC player.

Tip2 : If your vobsub file does not shows up at your movie just try to move the subtitle upper.

Tip3: If you are under Linux in order to be able to load your subtitle files these need to be named :
*.srt (lowercase) for the srt files and
*.txt (lowercase) for the MicroDVD files
So "test.SRT" is not valid and "" is valid.

Tip4 : Unicode and SRT support.
Txt2Vobsub from the version 4.0 supports unicode !
Generally multilanguage text files can be :

ANSI (Txt2Vobsub supports them under Windows)
UNICODE - UTF8 (Txt2Vobsub does NOT support them)
UNICODE - UTF8 with BOM (Txt2Vobsub supports them under Windows and Linux).

The ANSI mode is the most common mode that SRT can be found on the web. This kind of SRT files work well with Txt2Vobsub under Windows.
Under Linux is probable that Txt2Vobsub can not understand some characters.
If you have problems specially under Linux do this procedure :
1. Download Geany. It is a free notepad

2. Open your subtitle with Geany.
Open subtitle using Geany

3. Using File > Reload As , correct the code page in order to be able to see your subtitles correctly.
Change subtitle encoding

4. Now do set : Document > Set encoding > Unicode > UTF8
Set Unicode

5. Now set BOM : Document > Write Unicode BOM

6. Save your new textual file [Unicode with BOM]. File > Save as ...
Save subtitle

If you have the same problems under Windows you can do exactly the same procedure using:
Geany portable
or you can just use notepad2 and then do :
File > encoding > UTF8 with signature
using Notepad2 to fix subtitles

Extended Guides :
Internal Guides :
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13. Add Subs To Avi for Standalone DivX Players
14. Add Subs To Mp4 portable devices

External Guides :

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