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"Selling digital products with PayPal" is a free and revolutionary, solution that can change your life.
It is a lifetime solution offered from now on for free.
You can start reading "Selling Digital Products With PayPal" by clicking here.

Some benefits :
  • Work from home by selling your digital products over the internet
  • Become a successful seller taking advantage of SEO methods and start learning how to create your own targeted digital products
  • Become an independent seller. No third party solutions. No hidden fees
  • Make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Automatic download of the purchased product
  • Gain credibility by using PayPal
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The complete solution contains :
  1. A 173 page self explanatory e-book.
  2. A web application that will help you to sell your digital products right of the box. All the documentation is included.
    The web site will be completely personalized by you.
  3. A desktop application (Win32) to optimize and expand your web application.
  4. A Web 2.0 example layout.
The given free solution is ideal for :
  • Book authors
  • Photographers
  • Music composers
  • Video producers and filmmakers
  • Anyone who want to sell digital products over the internet
Some of the advantages of this package:
  • Free of charge. Low cost. Now only 9$ from the 49$ that it was before.
  • Solution right out of the box with demo web sites included
  • Lifetime duration
  • Reuse the given solution as many times as you want
  • Absolute no knowledge required
  • Minimal web hosting plan is required for setting up your web site
  • Generic approach of the problem (Domain and hosting, SEO, Style and logic of the proposed web solution, Security, How PayPal works and PayPal secure interaction, Search engine submisions revealed, Web 2.0 layout tips, Going massive and lot more vital information for your business)
  • Crossplatform approach (Windows, Linux, MacOs)
  • No shareware/demoware tools required for applying the given solution
  • No commissions or third party intermediators. Direct connection seller-buyer
  • Sell any digital product that can be zipped (Video, Audio, Photos, Ebooks, Software, Source Code, Web pages...)
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If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to contact to us for support at: Please put a valid subject at your email.

Important notices before reading this solution :
  • The native language of the author is not the English, so grammar errors can be found easily.
    Please do not try to judge this e book from it's language but from it's content.
    The grammar quality of the e-book should be the same like this page.
    Please excuse the inconvenience.
  • The given solution is free but it does not include the web hosting cost. So the total cost for applying this method should be the cost of your web hosting plan.
"Selling digital products with PayPal" is guaranteed to work as I say it does, helping you to sell your digital products using PayPal. It's that simple.
It is a complete solution that was inspired at November of 2007. The realization of this product has taken six months of hard work. From 11/02/2011 is given away for free.
This project was totally inspired and realized by Karydis Anastasios aka TrustFm.

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