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Easy Random Picker - Official Page

Latest Version : 2.2

About :
Easy Random Picker can parse competitors from textual files and pick (extract) random winners.
You can save the competitors and the winners.
It is ideal for forum administrators, since the forum users can be parsed and loaded automatically into Easy Random Picker.
Making competition games was never that easy before.
Easy Random Picker is also portable.
Before downloading take a look at the documentation page.
Within few minutes you can learn to use Easy Random Picker.
Please spend some time reading the online documentation for better results.
Notice that Easy Random Picker from the version 2.2 is available for Windows XP, 7, 8 and Linux.
As always use our forums for support.

Video presentation :

Cut your time main form screen

Changelog :
Version 2.2
Added : Ported to Linux
Updated : random algorithm
Fixed : Installer [uninstaller works better under Win 7]
Fixed : portable paths

Version 2.1
Added : Load more txt files at once
Fixed : Better Win7/Vista compatibility
Fixed : Better installer

Version 2.0 First public release.

Pad file for updates can be found here :

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