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How to get a FREE domain name and a FREE hosting plan

Part 1 - Introduction

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Author : Karydis Anastasios aka TrustFm
Date : 22/Sept/2014

In this article i will cover how to get a free domain and combine it with a free web hosting plan.
Notice : The date of this article is critical : [22/Sept/2014]
It is useful to have the knowledge to obtain a free domain for test projects or even for semi-professional applications.
In the first part i will talk about how to get a free domain name which is the hardest part and next we will talk about the free hosting part.

It is important to understand that a domain name can NOT be changed so if you lose it you lose everything.
On the other hand if your hosting provider closes down you can always move to another one by changing your nameservers and re-uploading your files via FTP into the new hosting provider.
In order to have a web site up and running you need :
a) a domain name registered to you
b) your domain registrar should allow you to change your domain nameservers
c) you have to find a hosting provider that gives you it's nameservers in order to connect your domain name with their web host plan.
Schematically you have :

1) Get a FREE Domain

Before taking a free domain you should always ask yourself these questions :

a) Is this free domain name banned from Google and others ?
Example the domains are banned from Google.

b) Does the registrar register your domain with your real personal data or it just takes it for you ?
You can find this by using the whois service of the registrar.
For example freenom allows you to register for free tk , ml , ga and cf domains.
The whois service for the tk domain can be found here.
As you can see the free tk domains like "" (alexa rank : 183.911) the registrant is:
BV Dot TK / Dot TK administrator
P.O. Box 11774
1001 GT Amsterdam
The same is not true with the paid tk domains. You can use "" (alexa rank : 116.137) as example in the whois service.
As you can see by taking a free TK domain you do not own anything. Someone else register the domain for you .
The same story happened with namezero. At the early 2000's they registered for you a .com domain for free !
The fact was that you did not owned the domain.
My opinion is to stay away from solutions like this. Use them only for hobby/fun projects.

c) Does the registrar allows nameservers ?
For example :
No any free DNS support is provided for CO.NR domain name free accounts and we don't plan to provide free domain name with DNS support in future, but just a free domain name forwarding service.

d) How old is your registrar ?
To answer this question you can use Wayback Machine or
A good rule of thumb is 10+ years

e) Does your registrar has any quality sites ?
Google is your friend : find sites

f) Who is behind the domain registrar ?
You always have to investigate in order to find this information.

A lot of you might think that there is not such thing but you are wrong.
For more than 18 years works like a charm. is not banned from Google, has a great registration service that anyone can obtain it's free domain into his name and allows nameservers.
By doing a whois search for the we will see that it is registered to Pierre Beyssac which happens to be the co-founder of is leader on the domain name registration.
Some important websites are (top 50 sites that i have found) : (alexa rank : 98.719) (alexa rank : 347.862) (alexa rank : 640.737) (alexa rank : 661.019) (alexa rank : 882.090) (alexa rank : 994.905) (alexa rank : 1.528.885) (alexa rank : 1.686.751) (alexa rank : 1.789.832) (alexa rank : 2.048.981) (alexa rank : 2.108.462) (alexa rank : 2.284.681) (alexa rank : 2.290.077) (alexa rank : 2.365.426) (alexa rank : 2.353.789) (alexa rank : 2.520.520) (alexa rank : 2.752.109) (alexa rank : 2.823.257) (alexa rank : 2.829.364) (alexa rank :2.910.932) (alexa rank : 2.924.515) (alexa rank : 3.092.769) (alexa rank : 3.320.379) (alexa rank : 3.686.736) (alexa rank : 3.735.817) (alexa rank : 3.899.810) (alexa rank : 3.947.427) (alexa rank : 4.089.805) (alexa rank : 4.227.137) (alexa rank : 4.250.380) (alexa rank : 4.316.365) (alexa rank : 4.557.141) (alexa rank : 4.587.348) (alexa rank : 4.608.346) (alexa rank : 4.617.322) (alexa rank : 4.705.717) (alexa rank : 4.924.515) (alexa rank : 5.932.134) (alexa rank : 6.323.355) (alexa rank : 6.354.590) (alexa rank : 6.662.348) (alexa rank : 6.831.245) (alexa rank : 6.940.467) (alexa rank : 7.210.730) (alexa rank : 7.662.171) (alexa rank : 7.664.123) (alexa rank : 7,853,218) - an extensible Perl toolkit for multi-platform GUI development. - handcrafted guitars - A symphony orchestra of musicians of all ages

Some important notification.
Notice that the domains are sold regularly 14 Euros/year without taxes.
More info about the domains can be found in the official page

So in conclusion after all these years i think that the only decent free domain registrar remains
If you know any other solution with these characteristics please contact me via email.

From the home page we copy paste :, free domain names since 1996
"Companies have voted with their feet [on the issue of domains], they want to have domain names that are international or at least country neutral.
The same freedom should apply to individuals; all individuals should be able to have and own their own domain names".
Paul Mockapetris, creator of the DNS, in On the Internet, September/October 1996.

In the next part we will see how we can obtain a free domain name.

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