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LiquidFiller - Official page

Latest Version : 2.5

About :
LiquidFiller is a handmade hardware device that allows you to fill containers with certain amount of low viscosity liquid like water, wine and beer.
Uses a weight sensor and measures grams (or decigrams for the peristaltic model). It is extremely small-sized and comes with an affordable price.
Fills containers by gravity not by pressure.
The peristaltic version of LiquidFiller uses a peristaltic pump in order to fill the containers.
This version of LiquidFiller is slower but offers more accuracy (0,1gr = 1 dg) and can fill containers up to 500gr
So mainly LiquidFiller has four models :
  • LiquidFiller X
  • LiquidFiller XT
  • LiquidFiller PX
  • LiquidFiller PXT
P : is the peristaltic version of LiquidFiller.
X : is the max limit of kilos that the machine can handle.
T : is the Android tablet enabled version.

Here is how you can select your LiquidFiller version :
1) Do you need to fill normal bottles like beer / water up to X kilos ?
Use the normal [Χ] LiquidFiller.

2) Do you need to fill small bottles like perfume or fragrance oils with an accuracy of 0.1gr (1 dg)?
Use the peristaltic [P] LiquidFiller model.

3) Do you need standalone performance, touch screen support and data logging at the same time ?
Use the [Τ] tablet version of LiquidFiller.

Notice that all versions of LiquidFillers come with data logging capabilities using an external PC (Windows / Linux). Even if your computer does not have any operating system LiquidFiller comes with LiquidUSB a USB key that contains a Live USB Linux distro with LiquidFiller DataLogger pre-installed.

You can purchase your LiquidFiller from the order page.
Make sure to read the documentation page.
LiquidFiller has data logging capabilities using a custom software called "LiquidFiller Data Logger".
LiquidFiller Data Logger runs under Windows and Linux and comes preinstalled into a LiquidUSB key.
Also a bundled Android version is available only for the XT models.
LiquidFiller Data Logger can be downloaded from the download page.
From the download page you can also download the "Full Manual" and the "Quick manual" of LiquidFiller.
Notice that the "LiquidFiller Data Logger" for Android is included only on the tablets for security reasons.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us using our support page.
More photos and videos can be found at the screenshots page.

Demonstrative videos :

LiquidFiller X menu presentation below :

LiquidFiller X filling 50 small bottles (repetitiveness test) :

LiquidFiller X filling 50 mini bottles

LiquidFiller X filling 1.5lt bottles :

LiquidFiller X filling 5lt bottles :

LiquidFiller X data logging using a PC with the LiquidUSB (Linux Live Distro + LiquidFiller DataLogger) below :

LiquidFiller X data logging using a PC (Windows + LiquidFiller DataLogger) below :

LiquidFiller XT (with tablet data logger) below :

LiquidFiller XT (with tablet data logger) below :

LiquidFiller PX (Peristaltic model) below :

LiquidFiller PXT (Peristaltic model with tablet) below :

Changelog :
Version 2.5 First public release.

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