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NoZip is a cross platform file joiner and splitter with steganography capabilities.
Generates from multiple files a pair of files called :
List Of Files (LOF) and LOF index (LOFi).
The LOFi is needed in order to split the LOF and extract the original files.
NoZip also generates single LOF eXtended files (LOFx).
A LOFx contains a LOF and a LOFi into a single file.
NoZip can be used as generic file splitter.
Load any file and will be splitted in 001,002,003... parts.

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LOF is a file without any extra overhead.
This gives the possibility by renaming any LOF file into the first contained file to act like the first file.
So if you have a LOF [photo.png.lof] containing these files :
  • photo.png
  • sound.wav
  • movie.avi
By renaming photo.png.lof into photo.png this will act like photo.
The rest files are not visible.
As you can understand NoZip can be used for steganography purposes since you can obscure files within other files.
Only by providing the associated LOFi file you can extract and get the original files.
In our case [photo.png.lof] + [photo.png.lofi].
ATTENTION : If you lose the LOFi you will not be able to extract your files.

NoZip is functional under Windows XP , Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Linux (GTK2) , MacOSX 10.6+ and FreeBSD.
It is multi language. Right now is translated to English, Greek and Italian.
It comes as installable and portable application.

While downloading the trial version of NoZip take a look at the online documentation in order to understand better the join and splitting procedure.
If you still get problems or you need to give us a feedback do not hesitate to contact us (section : support).

If you like the trial version please register your version.

Special offer ! By translating NoZip into your language you get a free personal license. Get more informations here (section : translation offer).

Find out more information about the author from the documentation page (section : about the author).

NoZip is created by TrustFm.

Pad file :

Changelog :
Version 1.2.2 :
Added : Linux version
Added : FreeBSD version
Added : MacOSX 10.6+ version
Added : Generic file splitting (001,002,003...999)
Added : Command line support for the file splitting
Updated : Improved interface
Updated : Online documentation
Fixed : Bug fixed version

Version 1.2.1 :
Added : LOFx support
Added : Logging feature
Updated : Better support under Windows 7 and Vista
Updated : Corrected italian language by Riccardo Giuliani
Updated : online documentation
Fixed : Better handling of the restricted files (read only access)
Fixed : Bug fixed version
Fixed : Better registry handling

Version 1.2
First public release.

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