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GRBLDroid - Official page

Latest Version : 1.8

About :
GRBLDroid is a CNC Controller for Android(4.0+) tablets.
Using a tablet you can pilot your grbl CNC machine.
GRBL is the most common firmware used in the open source community for CNC machines.
Shapeoko CNC machines for example are using Grbl as firmware.
With GRBLDroid you can send commands, jog the CNC machine and send g-code files using two methods simple and advanced.
GRBLDroid communicates via USB OTG cable that can be purchased from Google store.
If you need Bluetooth communication take a look at GRBLDroidBT
GRBLDroid became payware in it's latest release (1.8+).
It's current cost is 8 Euros.
Before purchasing GRBLDroid please take a look at the online documentation.
GRBLDroid works under Android 2.3+.
Please use our forums for support.

Video presentation :

Main GRBLDroid- form

Changelog :
Version 1.8
Added : More compatibility for Android – Marshmallow.
Added : Better USB support.
Changed : License. Now GRBLdroid became payware.

Version 1.7
Added : Android – Marshmallow support
Fixed: Backwards compatibility
Fixed : Permissions

Version 1.6 Bug fixed version

Version 1.5 Bug fixed version

Version 1.4 Bug fixed version
Added : Support for Qinheng CH340 chip (Arduino clone board)

Version 1.3 Bug fixed version
Added : Link to GRBLDroidBT

Version 1.2 Much cleaner interface
Fixed : Some visual bugs
Updated : GUI interface. Bigger buttons

Version 1.0 First public release.

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