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Old news 002.

01/06/2012 New application launched. It is a simple random picker called "Easy Random Picker".
The competitors are parsed from a txt file in automatic.
Once you have loaded all the competitors the program select the winners.
Can be used also as number extractor. Please read the documentation for further information.
Easy Random Picker will be used from now on in order to generate the winners of the forum offers.
Right now we offer 5 usb sticks. For more details take a look here.
As always stay tuned !

12/03/2012 New Cut Your Time. The new CYT is now compatible with linux. There are some small issues, take a further look at the documentation page, but no known critical bugs.

22/02/2012 New version of WAN IP Logger made under request.
The linux version is also updated.
Notice that my first shareware was released one week ago. It is a screen magnifier called Desktop Zoomer.
You can use the trial and if you like you can purchase it with only 14$.
If you translate Desktop Zoomer you will get it virtuaally free.
The new version of CYT by Riccardo is coming soon.

23/05/2011 CYT Video tutorial made and uploaded by Riccardo Giuliani. The video can be found at the tutorial page. Enjoy !

10/05/2011 Update for CYT. A lot of small bugfixes are now fixed. More informations and details can be found at the dedicated page.

05/05/2011 New free program called Contact Contacts created By TrustFm. It is a free secure organizer with bulk email and sms capabilities.
Contact Contacts has a lot of bundled features so look at the dedicated features page .
Please spent some time reading the online documentation of contact contacts.
As always a new free project offered from this site . Hope you like it. Enjoy and have a nice day !
Notice : New bug free version for CYT is almost ready to release.

16/04/2011 New program released by Riccardo Giuliani with the help of TrustFm. It is called Cut Your Time. CYT is a freeware utility that helps you to create alarms reminders.

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