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Old news 003.

25/04/2014 A new program is released today. It is called CSVpad. It is a free CSV editor.
Please read the documentation before downloading.
A new version of Contact Contacts is on way.
Stay tuned !

17/01/2014 New year -> new program !
Font2OpenSCAD is a free utility that helps you importing TTF fonts into OpenSCAD.
You can extrude any font you like and then print it with your 3d printer / CNC machine. I hope that you will find this application useful.

21/12/2013 We have updated our download links. We use more reliable services . Have nice holidays. We wish you merry Cristmas and a happy new 2014 !

24/04/2013 TrustFm dot net is virtually banned from "Google Search".
Google search penalized the website and all of my eight years efforts to this web site in one night.
I want to thanks you all the hundreds of people that directly reaches the web site.
This fact of course has conseguenses.
From now on all the products will become shareware since i need some money to survive - not even to live.
Have a nice day to all of you and sorry about this decision but all of us we have to stop be Google-Dependent.
Please realize that now is the time to support by posting valid inbound links and crosstalking about this web site
Have a nice day.

23/04/2013 The General software section was updated. Now all the web site is much more navigable.
Stay tuned as always !

21/03/2013 New version of Desktop Zoomer [1.4] released today.
Come into two versions 32 and 64 bit versions.
It is Windows 8 compatible !

24/12/2012 New version for DMM Data Logger
Happy Christmas Day and best wishes for the new year !

07/10/2012 New application released !
DMM Data logger is a multimeter data logger for Mastech MS8229 & VC-820. The hardware hack is described at hw2sw page.

15/09/2012 New version for Easy Random Picker.
A better version for Win7 / Vista
Direct links offered by Ubuntu One and Google Drive.

13/08/2012 The documentation of NoZip has been updated.
NoZip has been tested under SliTaz and PC BSD with success.
The NoZip documentation can be found here.

24/07/2012 NoZip goes multi platform. In order to make LOF,LOFi and LOFx formats more universal i ported NoZip into MacOSX, Linux and FreeBSD. Enjoy !

15/07/2012 New version for NoZip. The new version can also generate single LOFx files instead of pairs LOF+LOFi. The program was bug fixed and some new features were added like the logging.
The documentation is also updated.

12/07/2012 New shareware application launched today. It is called NoZip. NoZip is a file joiner and splitter with steganographic features. Read the documentation for further information.
NoZip generates List Of Files (LOF) which can be splitted with the help of LOF Index (LOFi) files. The program costs only 15$ .
Have a nice day.

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