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Old news 001.

17/09/2010 had a DDoS attack from the 15th of September till 16th. A chinese hacker made a bot and downloaded in automatic mode Pdf To Djvu Gui every 10 seconds. For security reasons i have removed the file. I will add the classic annoying form with a CAPTCHA code in order to download my files.

30/05/2010 New version for Pdf To Djvu just released. I have a very heavy program lately but i will find some time to update and bug fix all the freeware applications located in this web site. Stay tuned , as always !

23/04/2010 The web page is updated. Now you can add our web pages to your favorite social networks like facebook.

13/01/2010 Happy new year !!! The general tools section of trustfm is updated and it is now W3C compatible. The small bug with menus under Chrome browser has been fixed. Please take a look at our new web applications software that we recently made like the free software tools project and the conversion center.

23/03/2009 New portable windows (win32) version for Pdf To Djvu GUI. Linux version also released :)

13/02/2009 New better version for Bcompiler GUI (1.1).
The upgrade is highly recommended.

12/02/2009 New software release. An important software at least to my eyes is the Bcompiler GUI. It is a freeware PHP compiler. With this software you can encode (compile) your PHP projects. I will also add a forum section for this project.
Let me know what you think !

07/05/2008 New version for Pdf To Djvu GUI. Now more pdf files can be converted with success.

04/05/2008 A new tool added. It is called WAN IP Logger. From now on you can store all your connection IP's specially if you have a dynamic ADSL based plan (most common solution). This utility will do all the job for you. WAN IP Logger is compiled and tested for Win32 and Linux. Download the version that you want. ;)

10/04/2008 This is the new section of general tools of TrustFm. Here i will add my small tools of general use. I hope you like and enjoy the idea. During these years i made some small tools that someone can find helpful. I am going to add some of them in this page.

I will start here by adding a new tool called Pdf To Djvu GUI. This software is a freeware solution to those who want to convert pdf files to djvu files. Djvu is a neat document format and i highly recommend to give a try to this format.

I also added a neat freeware tool called Picophone Caller. This tool can also be used like a web ip publisher. Picophobe is a really good voip phone solution. I use it for years. Take a look at this project you should find useful informations. (Older-->Newer)
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