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03/10/2017 New application released today called SD Sorter.
This application sort SD Cards by name / size / date. It is super useful on 3D Printing. 3D printers that use arduino boards with SD Cards have ordering problems with g-code files.
Using SD Sorter you can re-order the files so you can see them correctly on your 3D printer.

16/06/2017 A new web application is released today called Simple File Gallery.
It is a image / audio / video and file gallery.
You only need a web hosting provider supporting PHP 5.2+ in order to get it up and running.
More info can be found here.
Simple File Gallery is under MIT license.
A new free utility will be posted in this section in the next days.

20/06/2016 We have updated all the download links and pages for CSVpad.
We curretly remove copy dot com as third mirror and we are introducing Yandex.

14/06/2016 Folder2Iso ported under Linux! The version 3.1 of Folder2Iso is Linux compatible.
The download page of Folder2Iso is more user friendly using Windows 64bit, Windows 32bit, Linux 64bit and Linux 32bit dedicated download pages.
From now on we will compile all of our applications under 32 and 64 bits individually.

30/04/2016 New version (3.1) for Folder2Iso. This version is tested under Windows 8 & Windows 10.
A Linux version will be released ina few months.

09/12/2015 New version for WiFi2Hotspot. This version is more Windows 10 compatible.

11/08/2015 Tested and updated again all download links.
Happy summer !

21/06/2015 Updated all download links. We have tested all downloads and we removed Wuala as mirror service.
We currently use Copy dot com as alternative download mirror.

26/04/2015 A completely new version for Folder2Iso released today.
It is a major update.
The new version supports multiple jobs and command lines.
As always stay tuned !

25/02/2015 After 4 years of implementation LiquidFiller is finally publicly released.
LiquidFiller is a liquid filling machine.
It works by gravity not by pressure.
LiquidFiller is a low cost system with data-logging capabilities.
It is our first public hardware & software project developed 100% by us.
You can buy this project using our online shop.
LiquidFiller has a DataLogger which can be downloaded from the dedicated page. Also an Android DataLogger app comes bundled with a tablet.
Due to the extended size of this project it is highly recommended to read the online documentation if you are interested.
LiquidFiller is 3D printed by our machinery
Today is an important day for us.
Have a nice day to all of you !

17/02/2015 New free software released today called DocumentGenerator.
DocumentGenerator produces txt files from template files. It is a portable small application that might help you.
Please read the official documentation before using it.

12/12/2014 New version for CSVpad. This version support undo / redo actions. It is also a cleaner much more polished version.
Have a nice day !

27/11/2014 New version for VaultPad. This version support undo / redo functions. More updates will come soon.
Have a nice day !

26/06/2014 New application made called WiFi2Hotspot. WiFi2Hotspot is a free application that creates a Virtual WiFi hotspot and turn your laptop into a WiFi router.
The user can wirelessly share any Internet connection like : cable router, a DSL modem, or even another Wi-Fi network. For more informations please visit the official WiFi2Hotspot page. Another great free software !
Stay tuned !

28/05/2014 New version (2.5) for Pdf To DjVu GUI released today.
The new version is more compatible with Linux.
It is recompiled on CodeTyphon.
All the download links are fixed (new and old ones)
Stay tuned !

27/05/2014 New version for Easy Random Picker. The new version is also ported on Linux.
The download links (older and newer) are tested and working.
As we said slowly we move all of our downloads away from Ubuntu One and DepositFiles into new more trustworthy cloud services such as Microsoft's OneDrive and LaCie's Wuala cloud services.
DropBox is not an option for TrustFm. It can not handle the bandwith traffic that our website needs.
If you have some ideas on file cloud services please contact us.

26/05/2014 New version for WAN IP Logger. The new version works better under Linux. The GUI is much nicer
We have fixed the links [and for the older versions] for :
Contact Conacts, Font2OpenSCAD, DMM Data logger and Cut Your Time.
We abandon ubuntu one and DepositFiles and we are using Microsoft's OneDrive and LaCie's Wuala cloud services instead.
This process takes time.
Thanks for the support
Have a nice day.

22/05/2014 New software published today called VaultPad.
It is a simple text / file encryptor.
You can share encrypted messages with your friends.
It is free to download.
Please read the documentation page for more informations.
Have a nice day !

26/04/2014 Contact Contacts updated.
More secure than before.
Please read more here.
Thanks !
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