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Htpc Introduction
- Cpu
- Motherboard
- Cases
- Others

Selecting Motherboard

  Well it's time to find a suitable mobo for your CPU. Reading this guide you will understand differences between motherboard sizes and find which fits at you most. There are at least three known form factors. Small ones do not support many PCI cards so you have to decide how many slots you need before selecting the type. For example Mini-ITX supports one slot only, Micro ATX four and desktop ATX six or seven depending the motherboard.
  Smaller sizes means more onboard cards and no space to upgrade all of them in the future. But there is no reason to upgrade your HTPC if it runs the applications you need. It is like your VCR.
  It is difficult for us to find and report all market's motherboards. So we are going to introduce you some low cost models from each category for reference.

  Learn more about any form factor below :

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