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ATX Motherboards
[form factor size 30,5x24,4 cm]

  In this session you can find some ATX motherboards for your HTPC which support strong enough processors for all application groups. We recommend this HTPC size for gamers and power users. You can build powerful micro ATX based HTPC but we do not recommend power consuming items in small cases. Even if your CPU, placed in a small case, is warm enough but not dangerously hot it is possible some parts from your HTPC to be a little bit colder from death.
   This is the problem. You think that your HTPC works fine but the truth differs. For example the hard disk might be overheated in a small HTPC case and the system will not crash until you ask from your disk a big file [bigger than 1 Gb]. A HTPC with that kind of problem might work for a couple of months or more depending on the use. But we want to build PCs which can work 24/7 [24hours per day/ 7 days per week], so for us an HTPC that crashes every 3-4 hours is not the ideal.
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