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WAN IP Logger - Documentation

WAN IP Logger needs a server in order to obtain and later log your WAN IP.
By default and are used but you can use any service you like, for furher informations take take a look at tips/troubleshooting below.

How to use :
WAN IP Logger is really easy to use...
Just run WAN Ip Logger. (boh!)
Your information will be saved at the MyIPsLog.txt file by default.

Tips/Troubleshooting :
If for any reason findmyipaddress or formyip does not work well for you, you can change them with another web service that find's your wan ip. Just change the 'WEBSITE', 'Start parse at' and 'Stop parse at'.

Example :
WEBSITE: (hypothetical example)
Now go to which finds your wan ip and load it on firefox.
Press view - page source at firefox.
Now locate the ip in that text file.
For example :
mpla mpla : mpi mpi mpi
The "Start parse value" should be : #mpla mpla : #
"Stop parse at value" should be : # mpi mpi mpi#
Please pay attention at the spaces !
Anyway findmyipaddress and formyip work fine for the last 5 years.

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