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Font2OpenSCAD - Documentation


Unzip the zip file into your favorite location.
Font2OpenSCAD is a portable application.


Font2OpenSCAD is a tool that helps you draw multi language fonts for OpenSCAD. It is based on ttf2dxf and on write.scad
both of the tools are modified by TrustFm.

Run Font2OpenSCAD.
Select your font [Ex: Arial].
Select your Unicode block [Ex: Greek and Coptic]
By default Font2OpenSCAD assosciates English OpenSCAD letters into English rendered letters .
If you are not sure just hit the "Restore defaults" button.
Now let's say we want to write A-Z in English on OpenSCAD and OpenSCAD have to draw/render the Greek alphabet Α-Ω.
We select "Capitals A-Z Index:65" radio button.
Now from our "Unicode blocks" list we find and select the FIRST capital letter of the Greek Alphabet (alpha)
In our example the index is 913
We hit "Yes"
Now the radio button becomes : "Capitals A-Z Index:913"
Once we are happy with our assosciations we press "Generate script".
In the /ttf2dxf/ folder an "Info.txt" file will be generated with further informations.

For example :

This file was automatically generated by Font2OpenSCAD Made By TrustFm
Instructions :
STEP 1 [Import selected font] :
Go to "Start" > "Control Panel" > "Fonts"
Drag and drop "Arial" into this folder :
Rename the extracted ttf into : "Arial.ttf"
STEP 2 : [Generate the DXF file]
double click the "Arial-Greek and Coptic.bat"
Now you have the dxf file :
Arial-Greek and Coptic.dxf
STEP 3 : [Test the fonts]
Open "TestSimple.scad" (not Write.Scad based) or "TestWriteScad.scad" (Write.Scad based) with OpenSCAD.
Edit the use_font variable like this
use_font="Arial-Greek and Coptic.dxf"
Now press "Design" -> "Compile"
You should see all the available symbols
Done !

Questions & Tips
1) Store settings :
Font2OpenSCAD uses only one file to store the settings called "settings.ini"
If you need to change your current settings [Ex : Greek] but you need to store the older settings too [Ex French] , do this :
a)copy the "settings.ini" and name the copy like this : "settings-French.ini"
b)Use Font2OpenSCAD and make all the changes you need [Greek]
c)Font2OpenSCAD will store the new settings into "settings.ini"
d)Copy the "settings.ini" and name the copy like this : "settings-Greek.ini"
e) From now on if you want to load the "Greek" settings delete "settings.ini"
and copy the "settings-Greek.ini" and name the copy like this : "settings.ini"

2)How many letters Font2OpenSCAD support ?
You can set up to 20 associations
Notice that Symbols, Numbers , Capitals ,Small need the FIRST element to be declared
The Special Characters the selected symbol is the one that will be assosciated.
For example into the "Special Char 01" case if you select the "*" symbol you are telling at OpenSCAD that when it see's the ":" symbol will render the "*" symbol instead .

3)Where can i find the source code ?
At the download page
Please notice that the ttf2dxf and the write.scad are modifided in order to work with Font2OpenSCAD.

4)Commercial use ?
You can sell your derivated work [3d printed part for example] without limitations at least from mine prospective , but to be sure you have to contact the authors of ttf2dxf, write.scad & OpenSCAD

5)I see cool effects compiling "TestWriteScad.scad". How can i learn more ?
Take a look at the ttf2dxf\WriteScaddoc.pdf.
Here is the official write.scad page.

Special thanks to :
Free Pascal
Unicode Consortium for the documentation
icon-king for the Icons

Copyright © 1998-2018 - Made by TrustFm - All Rights Reserved Worldwide