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Folder2Iso - Official Page

Latest Version : 3.1 (Freeware)

Folder2Iso supports WinXP, Vista, 7,8, 10,  Linux
About : Folder2Iso is a portable Window and Linux application that creates an ISO from any folder. The root folder can contain sub-folders.
It's a GUI of mkisofs.
Works under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Linux.
Folder2Iso is compiled for 32 and 64bit systems.
No installation is needed and it has a very small size.
Before downloading Folder2Iso take a look at our official documentation page.
Notice that by downloading this application you are accepting the disclaimer, located at the download page.
From the version 2.0 Folder2Iso supports drag and drop.
From the version 3.0 Folder2Iso supports multiple jobs at once and command lines.
From the version 3.1 Folder2Iso is ported under Linux.

Folder2Iso main form

Awards :

Folder2Iso 3.1 under Linux Mint

ChangeLog :
What's new in ver.3.1 :
Updated : Updated : mkisofs to the newest version [3.02a06-win32-bin]
Changed : Settings file
Tested and Ported : Windows 10
Tested and Ported : Linux

What's new in ver.3.0 :
Update : Completely rewritten and ported into new compiler (FreePacal)
Added : Multiple jobs at once
Added : Command line support
Added : Add / remove jobs
Added : Thread support
Added : Disable joliet
Added : Resizable GUI
Added : Close when done
Added : Status bar
Updated : mkisofs to the newest version [3.01a28-win32-bin]
Updated : Abort function
Updated : More interactive GUI
Updated : More intuitive GUI

What's new in ver.2.0 :
Added : Windows 7 and Windows 8 support
Added : Drag and drop any folder
Added : Wait while calculating folder size
Added : Icons -> More user friendly
Fixed : Freezing
Fixed : Progress bar

What's new in ver.1.7 :
Added : Abort option
Added : PayPal donation option
Fixed : URL links
New : smaller size

What's new in ver.1.5 :
Added : Windows 7 compatible version
Tested : Progress bar under Windows 7
Updated : mkisofs to the newest version [2.01.01a77-win32]
Updated : New logo added

What's new in ver.1.4 :
Added : Windows Vista compatible version
Fixed : Progress bar under Windows Vista
Updated : mkisofs to the newest version [2.01.01a25-win32]

What's new in ver.1.3 :
Fixed : Process bug [100% cpu utilization]

What's new in ver.1.2 :
Fixed : Serious bug. If some files where over 2GB Folder2Iso didn't calculate correctly the folder dimension.

What's new in ver.1.1 :
Added : Charsets support
Added : Button deactivation when the iso creation is in progress
Added : Size label looks better

Whats new in ver.1.0 :
First public release...

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