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Adding subtitles on an avi for PC...
Srt vs Idx/Sub ver. 1


Generally textual subtutles (srt) are more used and popular but the visual format in some cases is better. The srt needs ocr in order to be generated from a DVD source and in some languages this is not an easy thing to do. Textual subtitles need the correct codepage installed on the PC and this is not always true on all the PCs. Visual subtitles have not this problem.
Here is a pro-contro table :
pro-contro srt idx/sub
Easy to find over the Internet v x
Easy to Create x v
International codepage x v
Supported widely v x
Indipendent from the video format v v


Understanding the two different formats of the subtitles the next queston to respond is : from where we can get the subtitles ?
We generally have two possibilities :
a) From Intenet (Download)
a1) Generally there are sites that offer the subtitles ready to use. One good list can be found here.
Almost always these sites are offering textual (srt) subtitles. There is a risk that the subtitles are off synchronization with your movie. Try to synchronize them using our guide (08 Synchronize Subtitles Guide)
a2) If you want visual subtitles but you only found textual then use Txt2Vobsub in order to get the visual ones. Here is how easily can be done.
Small Txt2Vobsub Guide [next page]...

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