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Foto2Avi - Features

Foto2Avi works under :
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8

Foto2Avi can be used as slideshow generator and as sequential video editor.
Can produce HD video (720p and 1080p) are supported.

Foto2Avi supported formats :

As Input :
Photos : bmp/jpg(jpeg)/png
Video : avi/flv/mkv/mov/mp4/mpg(mpeg)/wmv
Audio : ac3/mp3/ogg/wav

As Output :
Video : avi (mpeg4)/avi (x264)/avi (xvid)/avi uncompressed/flv/mkv (mpeg4)/mkv (x264)/mkv (xvid)/mp4 (mpeg4)/mp4 (x264)/mp4 (xvid)/mpg/authored dvd
Audio : aac/ac3 with two channels/ac3 with six channels/mp2/mp3

Has these video effects :
-25 Transitions (Flippage,Swirl...)
-Basic Effects (Brightness/Noise/Fade in/Fade out)
-9 Advanced Effects (Distort, Ripple)
-9 Animations<

Has these audio effects :
-Fade in
-Fade out

Supports one audio stream from video and one external audiostream (wav/mp3/ogg). The two audiostreams are mixed 50% 50% [you can mute the videostream or you can add silence on the external audiostream in order to listen only one of both audiostreams].
Extended tutorials can be found on our forums
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