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AviSub - Documentation

Please read the small guide. If you have problems, try to see the detailed internal/external guides. If you stil have problems, doubts, try searching our forum or you can contact us via e-mail.

Usage :
1) Load your avi.
2) Just load your srt. At this time the program looks the width of every textual subtitle in order to fit it on the video screen.
3) If the srt loads correctly then just press the "Generate Subbed Avi" ,otherwise try to edit the srt or just pick a smaller font (ex font size 21). The convertion takes only 5min !!!

Tips :
*Tip1 : AviSub seems to freeze on during the convertion but this is not true ! Just wait for a while...
*Tip2 : The subtitles on a few pc's even with the divx6 codec seems to be invisible. Just disable the subtitles [off] and reselect them . This trick seems to work !
*Tip3 : Under Windows Vista the progress bar does not work always well. Just wait till AviSub finishes the convertion.

Hardware players that support AviSub :
-Here you can find out a list which AviSub worked 100%
-Here is a Certified Hardware List Product that should support subtitled *.divx videos, producted by AviSub
-Here is a non official list that indicates which devices actually support DivX 6 feautures.

Software players that support AviSub :
-Official DivX-Plus player. Take a look here
-Windows Media Player 10 with the latest DivX codec
-Any DirectShow capable player like Bsplayer, Arpa Kolla player or media player classic with the latest DivX codec.

Internal Guides :
12. Add Subs To Avi for PC
13. Add Subs To Avi for Standalone DivX Players

External Guides :
Tutorial from

Video tutorials :

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