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Latest Version : 2.1

About : Pdf To Djvu Gui is a freeware win32 and linux application that converts any pdf into Djvu.
Djvu files are generally smaller than the pdf files and are good looking.
Pdf to Djvu Gui from the version 2.0 and above is portable (does not need any instalation).
Pdf To Djvu Gui is based on pdf2djvu

Before downloading take a look at the documentation page.

Based On :
pdf2djvu - A pdf to djvu command line tool for linux. Version 0.5.2

I would like to thanks personally Jakub Wilk, the author of pdf2djvu, which responded to all of my questions. Without him this project would not be possible to make.

Changelog :
Whats new v.2.1 :
Updated : pdf2djvu 0.7.3 added for win32
Fixed : Pop up bug on the updater in the about box
Notice : Windows update version. The newest version for Linux remains the 2.0

Whats new v.2.0 :
New : Linux Version
New : Portable Win32 version
Updated : Cygwin is not needed anymore

Whats new v.1.1 :
Updated : pdf2djvu
Updated : Poppler
Updated : Installer
Fixed : More pdf files can be converted with this version.
(DjVuLibre v.3.5.19, Poppler v.0.8.2, pstreams v.0.5.2, pdf2djvu v.0.4.10)

Whats new v.1.0 :
First official and public release.
(DjVuLibre v.3.5.19, Poppler v.0.5.4, pstreams v.0.5.2, pdf2djvu v.0.4.6)

Pad file for updates can be found here :

Pdf To Djvu GUI screenshot
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