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Step 8. DVD testing and burning.
We run the ifoedit again, we press open and we load the e:\finalmovie\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO.
We press the DVD Play at the ifoedit for do an review of our final result.
We can also open the e:\finalmovie\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO with an DVD player (arpa kolla player , windvd etc..) in order to do the preview.

If the DVD works correctly then:
We delete the folder : e:\initialmovie
Our final dvd is located finally at the path: e:\finalmovie.
Now we can write our dvd, check these guides how you can do this easy operation :

If the e:\finalmovie\ folder is smaller than 4.37Gb then download this guide :
1. Dvd5 To Dvd 5 Or Dvd 9 To Dvd9 Guide (Read only the A Case)

If the e:\finalmovie\ folder is bigger than 4.37Gb then download this guide :
2. Dvd9 To Dvd5 With Menus With Transcode Guide
*At the second case you need to read the guide with the menus even if you dont have them more. It's easier, gives the same quality and you don't need to do reauthor mode on dvdshrink.

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