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Vobsub Muxer - Documentation

Please read the small guide. If you have problems, try to see the detailed internal/external guides. If you stil have problems, doubts, try searching our forum or you can contact us by e-mail.

Usage :
1) Use Txt2Vobsub in order to create your streams that you want to join/mux.
Example :
MatrixEN.sub - MatrixEN.idx
MatrixIT.sub - MatrixIT.idx
MatrixGR.sub - MatrixGR.idx
2) Load now the
on VobsubMuxer
3)Just press Mux

Command Line support :
VobsubMuxer.exe Sub1.idx Sub2.idx ... Sub8.idx
Example :
"C:\Programs\VobsubMuxer.exe" "D:\MatEn.idx" "D:MatGr.idx" "D:MatIt.idx"

Tips :
*Tip1 : All the vobsub subtitles MUST have the same filename:
example :
movie.sub - movie.idx

*Tip2 : VobsubMuxer muxes vobsubs generated by Txt2Vobsub/Son2Vobsub. With other programs that generate vobsub is NOT TESTED and not supported !

*Tip3 : In order to see the subtitles on pc/standalone you
must rename the files like that:

*Tip4 : If you want to de-mux the muxed vobsubs you can download the VobsubStrip works perfectly with the muxed vobsubs that VobsubMuxer creates.

*Tip 5 : VobsubMuxer is not heavily tested on hardware devices that support vobsubs. This is an test that you have to do

*Tip 6 : Supported hardware list with VobsubMuxer. Please post there if you have a supported dvd player.

*Tip 7 : Please read the features page of VobsubMuxer in order to find it's limitations.

Extended Guides :
Nothing yet ... ;)

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