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Avi2Dvd - Download older versions

Please read the Freeware Disclaimer before you download any of mine applications. You should download only if you agree to the Freeware Disclaimer.
Requirements and Disclaimer :
Before using Avi2Dvd, you should ensure that the copyright laws of your country allow you to re-author a commercial DVD. Obviously, you will need a DVD writer to burn the re-authored DVD onto a blank DVD. Same if you decide to produce a (S)VCD.

I [author] do not take any responsibilities for any possible software/hardware damages. Although the author will attempt to find and correct any bugs is under no obligation to provide support, service, corrections, or upgrades to Avi2Dvd.
Avi2Dvd is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty.
Distribution : If you want to distribute Avi2Dvd you have to contact with the author. Generally for free web distribution only a back link to website is required. For paid distributions under physical supports like CDs, DVDs etc a fixed 5 cents fee per sale is required.
Copy : You can copy for personal and commercial (internal) use the execute file.
Commercial use : Avi2Dvd can be used for commercial purposes if you do not charge the Avi2Dvd application. Your produced work generated with Avi2Dvd can be sold without any limitations.
Modify : You can not modify the released version. Again use the contact email if you really need this option (For example : program translation).
Integration : The integration with another product should be decided from case to case, for this reason you have to contact with the author.
For any problems do not hesitate to write directly to our forums.

Download Avi2Dvd from :

Avi2dvd 0.62 version @ OneDrive

Avi2dvd 0.62 version @ Google Drive

Avi2dvd 0.50 version @ OneDrive

Avi2dvd 0.50 version @ Google Drive

Avi2dvd 0.45 version @ OneDrive

Avi2dvd 0.45 version @ Google Drive

Avi2dvd 0.44 version @ OneDrive

Avi2dvd 0.44 version @ Google Drive

Avi2dvd 0.43 version @ OneDrive

Avi2dvd 0.43 version @ Google Drive

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