10/04/2014 A new version of Foto2Avi will be soon released.
The ubuntu one service will soon close so we are moving into new download servers.
We are testing as new download options wuala , spideroak and onedrive.
If you can help us please contact us via mail or facebook.
Have a nice day.

27/02/2014 A new section is opened today.
We have our shop section. From our shop section you can buy our software applications, our 3D printed models and later you will find some ready to get hardware applications.
We use digital river for our software section and ebay/etsy for our hardware section.
I have also added some subdomains :
facebook.trustfm.net / fb.trustfm.net
twitter.trustfm.net / tw.trustfm.net
youtube.trustfm.net / yt.trustfm.net
Stay tuned.

17/01/2014 A new program is released today.
It is called Font2OpenSCAD. Can be used in 3d printg.
More articles on 3d printing will be published into this site in the hardware section.
A full tutorial will be online soon.
As always stay tuned.

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